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Candidates listed for 218 Election: Early voting underway

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Early voting began in Porter County on Wednesday, Oct. 10.

In Duneland voters may cast their ballots in the meeting room of the Chesterton town hall, 726 Broadway.

Early-voting hours: 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday; 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 27 and Nov. 3.

All early-voting ends at 12 p.m. Monday, Nov. 5.

The general election will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

For candidate questionnaires previously published by the Chesterton Tribune, visit

County Commissioner questionnaires will be printed Friday or Monday as space permits.

Note: All Duneland precincts will vote in both School Board races as well as for the Center District County Commissioner seat.

Duneland precincts are split between three state representative districts and voters will see only one race on their ballots.

The local races:

* U.S. Representative, 1st District: (D-inc) Peter J. Visclosky; (R) Mark Leyva.

* State Senator, 4th District: (D-inc) Karen Tallian; (R) Cole Stultz.

* State Representative, 4th District: (R-inc) Ed Soliday; (D) Frank Szczepanski.

* State Representative, 9th District: (R) Dan Granquist; (D) Patrica A. (Pat) Boy.

* State Representative, 10th District: (D-inc) Charles (Chuck) Moseley.

* Judge, Porter Superior Court 2: (R-inc) Jeffrey W. Clymer; (D) Clay M. Patton.

* Judge, Porter Superior Court 6: (R-inc) Jeffrey L. Thode.

* Porter County Prosecuting Attorney: (R-inc) Brian Gensel; (D) Gary S. Germann.

* Porter County Clerk: (R) Jon C. Miller; (D) Jessica A. Bailey.

* Porter County Auditor: (D-inc) Vicki Urbanik; (R) Karen Martin.

* Porter County Recorder: (R) Chuck Harris; (D) Lily M. Schaefer.

* Porter County Sheriff: (D-inc) Dave Reynolds.

* Porter County Coroner: (R) Cyndi Dykes; (D) Randy Wilkening.

* Porter County Assessor: (R-inc) Jon Snyder.

* Porter County Commissioner, Center District: (R-inc) Jeff Good; (D) Donna Perdue.

* Porter County Counci, 1st District: (R-inc) Andy Bozak; (D) Bob Poparad.

* Duneland School Board, at-large: Robert (Bob) Filipek; Alayna Lightfoot Pol; Stephan A. Rohe; Rhonda “Rho” Turner Day.

* Duneland School Board, Liberty Township: Ronald (Red) Stone (inc); Brian Nicholas Custy.

* Duneland School Board, Westchester Township: Brandon Kroft (inc).

* Jackson Township Trustee: (D-inc) Janice M. Meyers.

* Jackson Township Board, vote for three: (D-inc) C. Diane Bates; (R-inc) Judith L. Guernsey; (R-inc) Mark J. Jaeger.

* Liberty Township Trustee: (R) Matt Keiser.

* Liberty Township Board, vote for three: (R-inc) Tim Cole; (R-inc) Terry E. Dunn; (R-inc) Jacquelyn M. Sterling.

* Pine Township Trustee: (D-inc) Andrew P. Himan Jr.; (R) Tammy Marie Watkins.

* Pine Township Board, vote for three: (R-inc) Tom Lipinski; (R-inc) Margaret (Peggy) Richardson; (R) Tom Carlson; (D) Matthew Smith; (D) Joe Wagner.

* Westchester Township Trustee: (D-inc) Suzanne Philbrick.

* Westchester Township Board, vote for three: (D-inc) Robin E. Chubb; (R-inc) Barbara J. Stroud; (R) Cheryl M. Evans.


Posted 10/18/2018




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