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Candidates: Follow the law on political signs

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Candidates in the Town of Chesterton’s municipal election--there are actually only two now--and their supporters, take note.

Town Code governs the placement of political signs, interim Building Commissioner Mark O’Dell announced at Monday night’s Town Council meeting.

* Signs may be placed no earlier than 30 days before the primary, on Tuesday, Nov. 3.

* Signs must be removed no later than five days after the primary. O’Dell noted that formerly candidates were allowed 10 days to remove all signage.

* Signs may not be placed on a public right-of-way. As a rule of thumb, in front yards with a sidewalk, signs should be placed behind the sidewalk.

* Signs with a total area of six square feet or less may be placed on private property with the owner’s permission.

* A sign with an area greater than six square feet may be placed after a $10 building permit has been obtained for it.

* No sign with an area greater than 32 square feet is permitted anywhere.

Signs found in violation of Town Code will be removed by the town’s code enforcement officer.






Posted 10/13/2015




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