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Candidate Pam Mishler Fish calls for referendum on private Dunes State Park banquet center

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Letter to the Editor:

The Indiana General Assembly has moved onto the very slippery slope of using legislation to change the outcome of an election or local committee vote. It first began a few years ago when Glenda Ritz was elected by the voters of Indiana to be our Superintendent of Public Instruction. Governor Pence and the majority of the Indiana General Assembly were not happy with the decision of our voters. They passed a law removing her as the automatic leader of the Indiana Board of Education. Now, the Board of Education members, most of whom are appointed by Pence, can choose their own leader and disregard voter choice.

Currently, we have SB 188, proposed by Indiana Senator Merritt, allowing IATC (Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission) to issue a liquor permit to the DNR (Department of Natural Resources) completely bypassing any local boards of a community. A similar bill has been proposed in the house, HB 1135, giving the duties of the IATC to the excise enforcement section of the Indiana State Police.

Indiana has one of the worst voter turnout records in our country. Indiana voters are currently witnessing their election results being overturned, whether they voted for a candidate or voted on an issue as an appointed member of a local committee. It makes them question whether or not their vote really matters. How can we ask our voters and members of those committees to trust our election process when they see that the outcome can be altered at the next Indiana General Assembly session?

I propose we get a true answer regarding whether or not to build a privately owned facility, which will serve alcohol, at the Indiana Dunes State Park. Put it on the next ballot as a referendum question. Ask the people who actually own the state park, the Indiana residents, if they want this facility. Then, this matter can finally be put to rest. There is another idea to consider. If 25 million Indiana taxpayer dollars are being allocated to build a new inn at Potato Creek State Park, why canít our state allocate money to restore the historical 1930s pavilion at the Indiana Dunes State Park?

Pam Mishler Fish

Candidate for the Democratic nomination for

Indiana House of Representatives District 4


Posted 1/11/2016




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