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Candidate Jesse Harper takes stand against SB188

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Letter to the Editor:

On Porter County’s Convention and Visitors Bureau Board, I was the lone vote against supporting the Pavilion Project at the Indiana Dunes until more impact studies and public input could be conducted.

Therefore, I strongly oppose the recently introduced Republican Senate Bill 188, which would take local control and oversight away from Indiana communities and give that power to bureaucrats in Indianapolis. In fact, Senate Bill 188 mandates that the Alcohol and Tobacco commission issue permits for the sale of alcohol in state parks regardless of local opposition. And it goes even further by exempting state parks from regulations that apply to other business that sell alcohol. As the digest of the bill states; “Exempts a permit issued for a state park from: (1) local board investigation and hearing on the application; (2) quota restrictions; and (3) requirements regarding the character of the permit applicant and the location of the permit.”

Link to proposed legislation:

Jesse Harper, candidate for Democratic Party nominee for State Representative 4th District



Posted 1/8/2016




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