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Campaign finance reports: Tallian raises $205K for Attorney General race

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2019 annual campaign finance reports were due recently. The Chesterton Tribune reviewed the 2019 annual campaign finance reports for Duneland’s four state legislators.

State Senator Karen Tallian (D-Ogden Dunes) received $205,328 in contributions and ended 2019 with $144,159.09 in campaign coffers ahead of her 2020 run for Indiana Attorney General. She spent $61,168.91 on her AG campaign in 2019.

Tallian’s AG campaign received 136 donations in 2019, 104 of which were from 83 different individual people. The majority of the remaining 32 donations were from labor organizations and political action committees.

The Tallian for Senate Election Committee, which details its contributions and expenses in a separate campaign finance report, is the largest single donor to her AG campaign, contributing $80,000 total. Tallian also received donations from other elected officials, candidates, and committees. Visclosky for Congress donated $5,000. Donnelly for Indiana and the Committee to Elect Chuck [Moseley] each donated $1,000. Also supporting Tallian for AG were the Committee to Elect Jean D. Breaux ($750), and David Niezgodski for Senate District 10 ($500).

The largest contributions from labor organizations or PACs were $25,000 from the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers-Legislative and $11,000 from Indiana Regional Carpenters Cope Account.

International Longshoremen's Association AFL-CIO Comm. on Political Education ("ILA COPE"), Laborers' Local 41 Political Fund, Laborers' Local 81 Political Fund, Local 157 PAC Fund, and Sheet Metal Workers Local 20 Vol. PAC each contributed $5,000. CWA D4 Indiana Political Education Committee, USW Works, and Ironworkers Local 395 Political Action League each contributed $2,500.

United Steelworkers Political Action Fund contributed $2,000. LaPorte-based IBEW Local 531 Political Action Committee Fund, Monarch Beverage PAC, and Citizens for Excellence in Government each donated $1,000.

Portage resident James McKamey made Tallian’s largest single donation from an individual at $15,000. The rest of Tallian’s largest individual donors were outside Duneland. Ann A. Stack, of Indianapolis, contributed $2,000. Sue Errington, of Muncie, donated $1,100. Indianapolis residents Ed Delaney, Kathleen A. Delaney, and Linda L. Pence each donated $1,000.

Tallian’s Senate campaign committee took in $97,052.72 in 75 donations that ranged from $50 to $2,500 in 2019. She spent $90,023.42 to end the reporting period with $7,029.30 cash on-hand. Of the expenses, $80,000 was donated to her AG campaign in three large donations ($10,000, $20,000, and $50,000.)

The largest contributors to Tallian’s senate committee were NIPSCO ($2,500), Indiana Firefighters PAC ($2,000), and Indiana BANKPAC ($2,000). Indiana Realtors PAC, Indiana American Water PAC, Insurance PAC, Indiana Motor Truck Association, UPS PAC, AT&T PAC, and Comcast of IL, IN/OHIO, LLC each contributed $1,000.

Norfolk Southern donated $750. 29 PACS, businesses, or individuals donated between $400 and $500. Some of them were Indy E-Cigs LLC, NWI Building and Construction Trades PAC, Indiana CPA PAC, Friends of Indiana Hospitals, IBEW Local 697 PAC, Zionsville-based Market & Capital Advocacy LLC, Arcelor Mittal, Indiana Friends of Rural Electrification, Zionsville resident Rebecca Seamands, Indianapolis residents Teri Cjajka and Gretchen Gutman, and U.S. Small Business Owners Association.

State Representatives

Though Duneland State Representatives Chuck Moseley (D-Portage), Ed Soliday (R-Valparaiso), and Pat Boy (D-Michigan City) are all up for reelection this year, all had very few contributions from individuals in 2019. State law precludes Indiana State Representatives from soliciting campaign donations in odd-numbered years, which is when the long legislative session occurs, according to the 2020 Indiana Campaign Finance Manual.

Over in District 10, Moseley brought in $35,878.88 in contributions and spent $26,914.92 to end 2019 with $13,537.60 cash on-hand.

Moseley took in 40 donations, including one $1,000 donation to himself. His largest donation from an individual was $500 from Indianapolis resident Dale Stackhouse. He also received $500 from the Clancy for Portage committee. Indiana Professional Firefighters PAC gave $600 in two donations, and Portage Firefighters Local 3151 PAC gave $500.

20 of Moseley’s donations, totaling approximately $27,600, came from labor organizations. 12 of them were between $150 and $500. USW Local 104, Indiana State Pipe Trades PAC, USW Local 6787, United Transportation Union, Laborers Local 81 PAC, IBEW Local 21 each contributed $1,000. Moseley’s two largest donations ($10,000 each) came from Boilermakers Local 374 and Ironworkers Local 395 political action league.

The rest of Moseley’s donations came from PACS or businesses, including Beer Industry PAC ($500), Indiana Multi-family Housing PAC ($500), Law PAC of Indiana ($500), NiSource Inc. PAC ($500), Arcelor Mittal ($300), and Houston, Tex.-based BP Corporation North America Inc. PAC ($250). Wine and Spirits Distributors of Indiana donated $328.88 in-kind.

In District 9, freshman Representative Boy took in $3,959.63 in contributions and spent $335.55 in 2019. She ended the reporting period with $26,953.53 cash on-hand.

Boy contributed a total of $237.80 to her own campaign, mostly in-kind for website management and email marketing. She received 12 donations from 12 different PACS, labor organizations, businesses, and individuals.

Boy’s largest donors were the Indiana Realtors PAC and the Lawyers PAC of Indiana who each donated $500. Indianapolis-based Short Strategy Group, Indiana Credit Union PAC, and Indiana Bank PAC each contributed $300. Wine and Spirits Distributors of Indiana contributed $272.72 in-kind. Indiana Health Care PAC, ICE Miller LLC, USW Local 12775, and Indianapolis resident Clinton McKay each donated $250.

In District 4, Soliday took in $38,109.25 in donations and spent $20,972.90 in 2019. He ended the reporting period with $29,357.99 cash on-hand and $168.06 in debts.

Soliday took in 57 donations in 2019. His donations averaged larger than the other Duneland Reps--only five of his donations were under $300--but none of his donations exceeded $2,500. He received an approximate total of $15,450 from utilities companies or associated PACS. His largest donations form individuals were from Indianapolis residents Mitchell Hopewood ($500) and Thomas John ($400). The largest contribution was from Indiana Friends of Rural Electrification ($2,500).

Contributing $1,000 were Comcast of Indiana/Illinois/Ohio LLC, EDP Renewables North America LLC PAC, Indiana American Water PAC, Alliance Coal PAC, American Wind Energy Association, Bose McKinney and Evans LLP, Sunrise Coal LLC, Indiana Builders PAC, Indiana Coal PAC, and American Council of Engineering Companies Indiana. Tel PAC contributed $1,300 in two donations.

MW Block & Brick LLC, Indiana Multi-family Housing PAC, and Kelley Automotive Group LLC each contributed $1,500. Indiana Bank PAC, American Electric Power, and Trucking Industry PAC each contributed $2,000.



Posted 2/6/2020




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