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Burns Harbor GOP convention Thursday to name ClerkTreasurer candidate

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This Thursday at 7 p.m., Republicans in Burns Harbor will hold their town convention at the Burns Harbor Town Hall complex at 1240 North Boo Rd. to elect a candidate for Clerk-Treasurer.

The race is between nominees Timothy Canfield and Crystal Westphal.

A convention is required when there is a competition for an elected office between candidates of the same party. Only one Republican candidate can be placed on the November municipal election ballot for Clerk-Treasurer.

Unlike the Democrat races in Burns Harbor, the Republicans will not be voting on any Town Council candidates at the convention. Only four Republican candidates filed for five open seats.

Chairing the convention will be Kevin Tracy. Krista Tracy will serve as the convention’s recording secretary. Town Council candidate Andy Bozak and Porter County Recorder Jon Miller will keep order as the sergeants-at-arms.

Tracy said any eligible voter who is at the Town Hall at 7 p.m. will be allowed to participate. He encourages voters to arrive before 7 p.m. for registration.

The convention will be conducted according to the rules of procedure set by the Indiana Republican Party.

The first item of business will be to determine the eligibility of the voters. Voters must be registered at least 29 days prior to the convention. The Porter County Voters Registration office will provide a list of registered voters.

Voters must sign a statement that they are a member of the Republican Party, having voted in the 2014 Republican primary election or intend to vote in support of a majority of Republican candidates in this year’s town elections.

The convention chair shall then compare the statements signed by the registrants and determine voters’ eligibility. If one or more persons aren’t eligible, the chair shall ask the convention voters if they believe the person in question may participate by voting “yes” or “no.”

Before the convention takes a vote, each candidate will have up to five minutes to speak. If they do not take their full time, those in the audience can speak in support of the candidate.

Candidates speak in the order they filed for office.

In case of a tie vote, the chair may make the deciding vote or call for another ballot.

The successful candidate will face Democrat and current Clerk-Treasurer Jane Jordan in November’s elections.


Posted 8/18/2015




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