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Bozak, Brickner and Graham win County Council seats

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Andy Bozak, Michael Brickner, and Sylvia Graham took the three at-large seats on the County Council that were up for grabs yesterday.

Bozak, a Republican who has previously served on the Council representing Duneland in the first district, captured 18.54 percent of the vote. Brickner, formerly Porter County Public Safety Director, who oversaw the 911 Center and the Emergency Management Agency, and was a Republican candidate for sheriff, was next, with 17.65 percent. Graham, incumbent Democrat, defended her seat by a narrow margin, with 16.76 percent,

Incumbent Democrat Dan Whitten narrowly lost his seat, capturing 16.57 percent of the vote. Bozak, Brickner, and Graham also beat back challenges from Craig Kenworthy (R) and Susie Talevski (D) who captured 15.87 percent and 14.62 percent, respectively.

Brickner told the Tribune this morning that he was pleased to come out one of the winners in a close race, and hes eager to build on the past work the Council has done in concert with County officials and employees and bring a fresh perspective.

Brickner mentioned that he and his son, who just turned 18, voted together for the first time yesterday, and they talked about the importance of the vote. I think when a person runs for an elected position, earning somebodys vote is a huge privilege, Brickner said. Thats a lot of responsibility, just that an individual is putting their confidence in you to represent them.

Bozak said he was excited to win another opportunity to serve Porter County. My family and I are super excited that we were able to get back in and help the people, he said.

Bozak said he looks forward to working with his colleagues on the Council and thanked his supporters, noting he did his best to meet new people safely in spite of COVID-19. We did the best we could, and I think we got the message out.

I want to thank all the people that voted for me and believe in how Ive been handling County affairs, Graham said. I promise I will continue to do everything I can to listen to what my voters have to say and vote how I think they would want me to.

Im always there. Im always available. If anyone wants to talk, give me a call, she added.

Whitten, Talevski, and Kenworthy were not available for comment at the time of this writing.

Porter County Clerk Jessica Bailey announced the final unofficial election results as of 4:10 a.m. and reported that all votes had been counted--including a staggering 50,000 some early and absentee by mail votes. The Board of Elections & Registration will count provisional ballots and certify the results of the election on Nov. 13, ten days after election day, as usual.



Posted 11/4/2020




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