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Blaney defends South Commissioner seat

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Incumbent Democrat Laura Blaney defended her seat on the Board of Commissioners by a narrow margin yesterday: she took 50.14% of the vote to challenger Fred Martin’s 49.86%

“I appreciate the opportunity and look forward to serving the people of Porter County for another four years. There is much to still accomplish,” Blaney said in an email to the Tribune this morning.

“In case people feel their votes don’t matter, I think my race is a clear indication that every single vote counts,” she added.

Martin told the Tribune in a phone call that he thinks he ran a clean race and thanked Blaney for doing the same. “I think we did better than most people expected us to, especially for my first time running and against an incumbent,” Martin said of his campaign.

Martin also wished Blaney well and thanked his supporters.

Porter County Clerk Jessica Bailey announced the final unofficial election results as of 4:10 a.m. and reported that all votes had been counted--including a staggering 50,000 some early and absentee by mail votes. The Board of Elections & Registration will count provisional ballots and certify the results of the election on Nov. 13, ten days after election day, as usual.



Posted 11/4/2020




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