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Biggs defends North Commissioner seat

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Incumbent Republican Jim Biggs defended his seat on the Board of Commissioners yesterday by a comfortable margin: Biggs took 57.14 percent of the vote over Democrat challenger Becky Mateja Lombardini’s 42.86 percent.

Biggs thanked his supporters and his opponent, though he said his victory is also a bit sad because he plans for this to be his last term on the Board.

“I will not seek a third consecutive term, so it’s melancholy in some respects because I really enjoy the office and the responsibilities,” Biggs said. “But eight consecutive years is enough for me. Let somebody else come in and give it a try.”

Biggs said he’s proud of what the Board has accomplished and looks forward to seeing its ongoing projects, such as capital improvements, the extension of Willowcreek Road, and various policy changes, come to fruition in this term.

Biggs said he also looks forward to working with his new colleagues, and “Dan [Whitten] is going to be missed,” especially for his fiscal knowledge going into the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Whitten, an at-large Democrat on the Council with a long record of public service, narrowly lost his seat yesterday.

Biggs thanked Lombardini for running a clean campaign and said he had to “give credit where it was due” to her for challenging him.

“I wasn’t gonna be easy to beat. I’ve been around a while. I do well in general elections,” Biggs said. “She deserves credit for taking all that on, especially having never run for office before. She obviously doesn’t scare easily.”

Lombardini joined the race in July when she was appointed to fill a ballot vacancy by Porter County Democratic Party Chairman Jeff Chidester, and after Biggs defended a challenge from fellow Republican Jeff Larson in the primary.

“It was an honor to be part of the democratic process. Congratulations and good luck to everyone involved. Now it's back to the ‘usual’ for me, my family, and friends,” Lombardini told the Tribune in an email.

Porter County Clerk Jessica Bailey announced the final unofficial election results as of 4:10 a.m. and reported that all votes had been counted--including a staggering 50,000 some early and absentee by mail votes. The Board of Elections & Registration will count provisional ballots and certify the results of the election on Nov. 13, ten days after election day, as usual.


Posted 11/4/2020




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