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Biancardi, Bozak, Hull, Rogala and Poparad to be on Burns Harbor Town Council in 2016

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The Burns Harbor Town Council will be in mixed company as its slate for next year includes two Republicans --Toni Biancardi and Andy Bozak -- and three Democrats -- Eric Hull, Marcus Rogala, Sr., and Raymond Poparad.

Those were the top five voter-getters in the election with all five Council seats being at-large this year.

Biancardi received the most votes with 175, followed by Poparad with 172, Rogala with 166, Hull with 155 and Bozak with 149.

Voters could vote for up to five candidates in nine-candidate contested race.

The results mean that Republican incumbent Jeff Freeze was not elected to another term. He had the sixth highest vote total with 144 votes.

Three others who were unsuccessful in their bids were Democrat Nathan Tumblin with 125 votes, Democrat Craig Barnes with 130 votes and Republican Phyllis Constantine with 81 votes.

The elected candidates told the Chesterton Tribune this morning that they hope to work well together.

“It’s going to be really important that we build relationships with residents, businesses in our community and also our neighboring communities,” Biancardi said.

Rogala and Hull said they are excited to see the different skill sets that each candidate will bring to the table.

“You’ve got both the old town and the new town,” said Rogala, mentioning Biancardi and Poparad have been on town boards for many years. “I think we have a great mix and we have a lot of common views.”

Hull said he’s “looking forward to working with the rest of the Council” and concurred it has “a pretty good mix of experience” that can offer “fresh perspectives.” Hull has been on the Council for a few months now, filling in for former Council member Greg Miller who resigned in July.

Poparad, who served on the Council previously from 1984 to 1992, said he’s “happy” with the election results and hopes each member will “be on the same page” come January.

Bozak told the Tribune that the election race showed that “everyone is very optimistic about the future of Burns Harbor” and the citizens want to be involved in planning for the development ahead.

“People want a different town council and you can see that clearly based on the final votes,” Bozak said. He said he intends to improve communication with residents, as he purports that might be the reason incumbents didn’t fare so well in the election.

Hull said he gives kudos to Bozak for putting forth such effort in his campaign. “He worked his tail off and it shows,” Hull said.

Jordan wins Clerk-Treasurer race

Meanwhile, Burns Harbor voters re-elected Democrat incumbent Clerk-Treasurer Jane Jordan, She was elected to another term with 211 votes versus 92 votes for Republican challenger Timothy Canfield, a margin of 70/30 percent.

This will be Jordan’s fourth term in office.



Posted 11/4/2015





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