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At large and Liberty School Board seats on ballot Tuesday

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Among the races Duneland voters will decide on Election Day--Tuesday, Nov. 6-- are two seats for the Duneland School Board. Four candidates will vie for the At-large seat left vacant by Michael Trout stepping down, and incumbent Ronald “Red” Stone faces a challenge for the Liberty Township seat.

At-large Race

Rhonda “Rho” Turner Day, Bob Filipek, Alayna Lightfoot Pol, and Steve Rohe are the choices for the At-large seat this election.

Day, a project manager at Blue Cross and Blue Shield, has said she can leverage her 25 years of project management experience-- which includes handling internet changes to 150,000 United Airlines users on the morning of the September 11 terror attacks, as a School Board member. She said she would focus on transparency, supported the last referendum and supports eLearning.

Bob Filipek has said he plans to leverage his 25 years of business experience as a School Board member by listening to stakeholders and weighing all sides of an issue. Filipek has voiced support for the referendum and eLearning, though he said he is not in favor of phasing out all print materials, in part due to excessive screen-time for kids.

Alayna Lightfoot Pol said she plans to serve the School Board from the perspective of an experienced educator with expertise in research-based approaches. Pol said she supports the referendum because it is a small investment by the taxpayers that has a large positive impact on the schools. She thinks eLearning should be reserved only for secondary students.

Steve Rohe said he plans to leverage his knowledge from being a Duneland school safety employee and parent as well as being in the military as a member on the Board. Rohe said he might support the referendum if it is needed to keep up Duneland’s quality service, but he would examine the issue to make sure the funds focus on needs not wants. He said he supports eLearning to reduce costs and allow students to learn at their own pace.

Liberty Race

Ronald “Red” Stone, a long-time incumbent, faces a challenge from Brian Custy.

Stone said his strongest points as a Board member have been that he engages stakeholders and brings a common sense approach to solving problems without settling for mediocrity. Stone said he is in support of the referendum because it makes possible the superior unique programs at Duneland and provides additional funding for teachers, counselors, and other student-facing employees. Stone said he prefers eLearning days only be used in cases of inclement weather cancellations because a screen cannot replace teachers.

Custy said his honesty, work ethic, and desire for open communication learned from working in law and civil engineering qualify him to be on the Board. He said he supports a referendum only if the schools cannot function without it, and communication with stakeholders on the process must be better. Custy said he opposes the current structure of eLearning days because kids are getting too much screen time and there must be a balance between technology and traditional learning.


Posted 11/5/2018




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