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Apply now with party chairs to fill general election ballot vacancies

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The Porter County Republican and Democratic committees are looking for candidates to fill ballot vacancies for the 2018 general election.

According to the 2018 Indiana Candidate Guide, ballot vacancies, openings that appear when a party does not present a candidate for a given office during the primary election, can be filled before the general election by the respective parties in one of two ways: a caucus of party leaders can decide who to nominate to fill the vacancy, or a representative of a party may be given the authority to appoint someone to fill the vacancy.

In Porter County this year, citizens interested in running for office to fill a vacancy must be appointed by the chairman of their party, and they must be appointed before noon on Saturday, June 30. Citizens wishing to fill a vacancy should contact their party leaders now.

Chairman for the Porter County Republican Central Committee is Michael Simpson. Chairman for the Porter County Democratic Central Committee is Jeffery Chidester.

Simpson reports that he is already in talks with people who want to run to fill the following Republican vacancies: Porter County Sheriff, Porter County Council District 2, Jackson Township Trustee, and Westchester Township Trustee.

There are also two Republican vacancies for the Westchester Township Board.

Those who are interested in running to fill any of those vacancies should contact Simpson by email at Simpson reported that he will meet in person with interested citizens to get a feel for their experience and intentions. I like to understand what their goals and aspirations are, Simpson said.

Chidester reported he is only looking to fill one vacancy. He wants a Democrat to vie for Porter County Council District 4.

Other Democrat vacancies are: Porter Superior Court Judge No. 6, Porter County Assesor, Liberty Township Trustee, Westchester Township Board and Liberty Township Board.

Citizens interested in running to fill a Democrat vacancy should call Chidester at (219) 712-8081. Chidester said he will check the voting records of interested citizens and sit down with them to evaluate their qualifications.

General information on running for office can be found in the 2018 Indiana Candidate Guide. The Guide and all candidate filing forms can be found at


Posted 6/5/2018




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