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Andy Bozak files Porter County Council candidacy

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Porter County Council President Andy Bozak has filed his candidacy for the primary election.

“Bozak was previously elected to the Burns Harbor Town Council after running an extremely energetic campaign focused on transparency and dialog,” according to a statement released on Friday. “Bozak is again making this a part of his campaign.”

“We already have a lot of great things going on in our County but with so much on the line, we can't risk going backwards,” Bozak said.

Bozak and his wife, Roseann Bozak, are raising their four children in Burns Harbor. He also serves as a Youth Activities Coordinator for the local Knights of Columbus, manages his son’s baseball team, and organizes a dancing light show for charity at Christmas; this year, 100 percent of the donations went to The Caring Place, a local shelter for women and children escaping domestic violence and a cause that Mr. Bozak strongly believes in supporting.

“My son Ayden and I have a campaign golf cart that we use for canvassing neighborhoods,” Bozak said. “It's an absolute blast to be able to do this with him. There are so many amazing, hardworking, and good people in our community, and it's extremely rewarding for us to have the opportunity to do this together. He has learned a lot through the campaigns we have run, but one of the major things he has learned is to listen to people and propose action when possible.”

“I go out of my way to make myself available to listen to concerns and reply to questions and concerns efficiently,” Bozak added.

Bozak can be reached at, or at




Posted 1/22/2018




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