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Allison beats Lafata 505-453 for Democrat nomination to council

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The 11th hour complaint filed with the Porter County Election Board last week against Chesterton Town Council candidate Bob Allison appears not to have hurt his chances in the municipal primary election.

Allison thinks, in fact, that the complaint--filed by Clerk-Treasurer Stephanie Kuziela, chair of the Duneland District of the Porter County Republican Party--might have put a discernible wind in his sails in his victory on Tuesday against incumbent Dane Lafata for the Democrat nomination to the council’s 3rd District seat.

Allison took 505 votes or 53.71 percent; Lafata, 453 votes or 47.29 percent.

Kuziela’s allegation: that, contrary to Indiana Code, Allison failed to include a disclaimer on his yard signs. Within 48 hours of that complaint’s being filed, mailing labels were affixed to Allison’s signs reading “Paid for by the Committee to Elect Robert (Bob) Allison.” Nevertheless, Allison has been asked to appear at a hearing before the Election Board at 1 p.m. Friday, May 17.

“A big point is the complaint Stephanie (Kuziela) filed against me,” Allison told the Chesterton Tribune this morning. “People didn’t like that. A lot of people think that was petty. It was dirty politics. I didn’t know about disclaimers. I’m new to this, I didn’t know.”

In the end, however, Allison suggested that Kuziela’s complaint may have been only a secondary issue. More troubling is his impression that folks “feel that the town has deaf ears,” as he put it. “I talked to organizations, businesses, property owners associations, and individuals. They just don’t feel that the town is approachable.”

Hence his decision to run in the first place: “It’s not personal,” Allison said. “I just feel that people in our district need a voice.”

Allison also pointed to his answer to one of the questions in the Tribune’s candidate questionnaire, that one asking him why he believed himself to be a better candidate than his opponent. “I said that ‘Nobody’s better than the next person.’ That encouraged a lot of people. I’ll listen to anyone who wants to talk, whether they live in Abercrombie or Sand Creek. And if their council person doesn’t want to listen to them, I’ll talk to them.”

Allison touched briefly too on social media comments which, after posting last year, he had occasion to apologize for personally before the Town Council. “My outburst wasn’t anger,” he said. “It was passion. It was nothing personal. I don’t know what the council’s feeling is about me.”

Today Allison expressed his deep gratitude to everyone who made his primary win possible. “I can’t put into words and express my overwhelming feeling last night when they reported that 100 percent of the precincts were in and I had won,” he said. “I was surrounded by my wife, my children, all the friends who supported me. I was getting texts and phone calls congratulating me until 4 in the morning.”

“I want to thank everyone,” Allison added. “The business people. The organizations, especially Local 4600 (of the International Association of Firefighters). The police officers. Town employees. And residents, especially those in Westchester South, Stone Meadows, and Abercrombie Woods. I am truly, truly humbled by what happened.”


Posted 5/8/2019





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