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WDSO Awards Night honors CHS radio students

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Chesterton High School radio station WDSO-FM held its 36th annual Awards Night on Tuesday evening, May 15, in the CHS Cafeteria, beginning at 7 p.m.

Guests for the evening were CHS Principal Jeff Van Drie; Chris Acton, Publicist for the Chesterton Art Center, and host of Artful Conversations; Shirley Wallace and her husband, Jim, Outside Creations, and Dan Watt, former WDSO member.

Nominations for awards were made by the membership of WDSO except for special awards.

Outstanding awards went to Eli Ontiveros (12), Most Outstanding Newscaster and Andrew Stolz (12) Most Outstanding DJ. These students received plaques.

Senior Awards were presented to on-air DJís. Seniors Donovan Lawnicki, Eli Ontiveros, Andrew Stolz, and Jacob Waters were presented with plaques.

Graduating Member of WDSO Awards, in the form of certificates, were presented to seniors Andrew Cernick, Josh Coslet, Shaye McCarthy, and Bryan Thompson.

A Thank You Award was presented to Mr. Jeff Van Drie, CHS Principal, for his 13 years of support for WDSO.

Additional awards (certificates) were presented to students in all grade levels: Most Best Morning Assistant, first semester - Keegan Kristensen (9) and second semester - Shane Fabbri (10).

Most Outstanding Veteran Student -- Andrew Stolz (12); Most Knowledgeable Veteran Student, Jake Weitzel (11).

Academic Letter: A letter went to senior Jacob Waters. To earn this award the student must be on-air qualified for at least 12 calendar months, complete all requirements for veteran status.

News Awards: Most Promising New Newscaster, J.D. Cory (10) and J.D. Browning (9); Most Improved Newscaster, Rose Costello (9) and Matthew Koutsopanagos (11). News Recognition Awards -- J.D. Browning (9), Hokulani McCracken (11), Max Cohen (10) and Matt Gaffigan (11).

Sports Awards: Best On-Air Sportscaster, Owen Cowsert (10). Sportscaster Awards went to senior: Donovan Lawnicki, juniors: Jimmy Hampton, Evelyn Pabon and Kody Wilkerson, sophomores: Owen Cowsert, Dillon Kendall, Nick Sierra, Max Winski, and freshman --.Jonah Lovitz.

Music Awards: Best Afterschool Show, seniors - Andrew Stolz, Donovan Lawnicki and junior -- Jake Weitzel; Most Promising New DJ, Eve Senderhauf (10); Most Improved DJ, James Hennings (11).

Afterschool Music Show Awards went to: seniors, Donovan Lawnicki, Eli Ontiveros and Andrew Stolz; juniors, Sami Bunning, James Hennings, Logan Miller, and Jake Weitzel.

Four students participated in the University of Southern Indiana Dual Credit Program. Recipients of the USI Dual Credit Participation Award were juniors: Sami Bunning, James Hennings, Devin Michael, and Andrew Stolz.

WDSO Service Awards - Four years: senior - Andrew Stolz. Three years: seniors - Donovan Lawnicki, Eli Ontiveros and Jacob Waters; juniors - Sami Bunning and James Hennings. Two years: seniors -- Josh Coslet and Bryan Thompson; juniors -- Matthew Koutsopanagos, Devin Michael, Tyler Mason, Logan Miller, Ben Slack and Brandon Watson; sophomores - Max Cohen, Michael Meyers, Avianna Rossetti and Eve Senderhauf, One year: senior -- Andrew Cernick; juniors -- Elaine Bonner, J.D. Cory, Matt Gaffigan, Hokulani McCracken, Jake Weitzel; sophomores -- Owen Cowsert, Shane Fabbri, Tyler Huyser; freshmen -- J.D. Browning, Rose Costello, Kyle Liss, Keegan Kristensen, Madelene Horn.

Staff awards: members each received a certificate for serving as director in the various departments. Program director, Eli Ontiveros (12); Music director, Andrew Stolz (12); News director -- Sami Bunning (11); Co-PSA directors, James Hennings (11) and Logan Miller (11); Promotions director, Devin Michael (11) and Engineer, Jake Weitzel (11).

Staff Department Awards were Most Improved Department: Engineering -- Jake Weitzel, Engineer (11). Best Department: Music -- Andrew Stolz, Director (12). Most Dedicated Staff Member -- Eli Ontiveros (12) (second year in a row).

Appreciation Awards were presented to members of the school or community who have hosted special programs for WDSO, including Jeff Van Drie, CHS Principal; Rob Blumenthal, Josh Huwig, Judy Malasto and Brent Martinson, CHS Assistant Principals, hosts of the CHS Weekly Report; Kelly Caddell, Ranger at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, host of Naturally Speaking. Dr. Jenny Herbert (Owner/Veterinarian) of Arbor View Animal Hospital and her staff - Dr. Johanna Nimeth, Dr. Jessica Byerly, and Dr. Jenice Bell, veterinarians; Bobbie Kaufman, veterinary assistant, hosts of the monthly show Pet Talk; Chesterton Tribune for providing Echoes of the Past for WDSOís Daily Almanac Show; Serena Ard, Curator of the Westchester Township History Museum for hosting, Historically Speaking and Chris Acton, Publicist for the Chesterton Art Center for hosting Artful Conversations.

During the Awards Night, the new staff for the 2018-19 school year was

announced. They include: co-program directors -- Sami Bunning (11) and Jake Weitzel (11); co-music directors -- James Hennings (11), Devin Michael (11) and Logan Miller (11) news director -- J.D. Cory (11); PSA director -- Tyler Huyser (10) and promotions director -- Eve Senderhauf (10). Matthew Waters is the Station Manager/Faculty Advisor and Michele Stipanovich is the stationís Operations Manager.



Posted 5/17/2018




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