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WDSO Awards Night held at CHS

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Chesterton High School radio station WDSO-FM held its 31st annual Awards Night Tuesday evening in the CHS Cafeteria.

Guests for the evening were Scott Truelove, Technology Department Chairman; School Board Member, Ralph Ayres; former School Board Member, Janice Custer and Chris Acton, Chesterton Art Center Publicist

Nominations for awards were made by the membership of WDSO except for special awards. Outstanding awards went to Kelley Jankowicz (12), Most Outstanding Newscaster; Most Outstanding DJ to Jackie Santo (12); Best On-Air Sportscaster Nathan Dickinson (11) and Eric Dreischerf (12). These students receive plaques.

A plaque in the shape of the state of Indiana in recognition of his 1st Place Award for his Radio In-Depth entry at the Indiana Association of School Broadcasters competition was presented to Nick Moreno. This was the same as a plaque that was presented to CHS at the competition in Indianapolis that was presented in March, 2013.

Senior Awards

Senior Awards plaques were presented to all on-air qualified seniors Billy Atherton, Kelley Jankowicz, Patrick Menn, Jackie Santos, Collin Sulcer, Jake Williams and Nate York.

Graduating Member of WDSO Awards certificates were presented to seniors Jessica Cavallaris, Adam Eng, Gabe Kleckner and Adam Polkinghorn.

Excellence Awards

Additional awards (certificates) to students in all grade levels: Best Morning Assistant 1st Semester, Brooke Sauter (9) and 2nd Semester, Aubrey Christofersen (10); Most Outstanding New Student, Brooke Sauter (9); Most Outstanding Veteran Student, Billy Atherton (12); Most Knowledgeable Veteran Student, Nick Moreno (11) and Nathan Babcock (11) and Most Improved Veteran Student, Sarah Duron (11).

News Awards

Named Most Promising New Newscaster, Brooke Sauter (9) and Aubrey Christofersen (10); Most Improved Newscaster, Jessica Cavallaris; Best News Reporter (Advanced Broadcasting Class), Nick Moreno (11); and Best Sports Reporter (Advanced Broadcasting Class), Nathan Dickinson (11).

Sports Awards

Sports Awards were Most Improved Sportscaster: Gabe Kleckner (12); Most Promising New Sportscaster: Laura Hoover (10) and for the 3rd year in a row - Most Sports Games Engineered: Patrick Menn (12); Most Spring Sports Engineered, Sean Virden (10).

All of the students who broadcast sports events for WDSO received a certificate for their participation. They included: seniors: Eric Driescherf, Michael Clemens, Gabe Kleckner, Logan Krantz, Ronnie Kovach; juniors: Nate Dickinson, Dallas Milligan, Trevor Klaus and Max Brown; sophomore: Laura Hoover.

Music Awards

Honored for Best Afterschool Show -- Nick Moreno (11); Most Promising New DJ -- Brooke Sauter (9); Most Improved DJ --- Collin Sulcer (12); and Most Promising New Afterschool DJ -- Lily Jablonski (11).

Afterschool Music Show Awards went to seniors -- Jackie Santos, Kelley Jankowicz, Billy Atherton, Patrick Menn, Collin Sulcer and Jake Williams; juniors Nathan Babcock, Nick Moreno, Sarah Duron, Dallas Milligan, Lily Jablonski and Austin Ballestero and sophomore, Matt Leetz.

Student Awards

Other Student Awards include: Indiana Association of School Broadcasters (IASB) Competition Awards: 1st Place in Radio In-Depth -- Nick Moreno (11). 3rd Place -- Radio Copywriting -- Sarah Duron (11). Interviewer Award -- Nathan Babcock (11). Best Promo Maker, Nick Moreno (11) and Most Creative Promo Maker, Nathan Dickinson(11).

Four students participated in the University of Southern Indiana Dual Credit Program. They were recognized as Dual Credit Recipients and included seniors: Billy Atherton and Adam Eng and juniors: Sarah Duron and Nick Moreno.

Two WDSO members received the Checklist Completion Award -- senior: Patrick Menn and junior: Sarah Duron.

Super Radiothon Collectors were Emmanual Rodriguez (11), Laura Hoover (10), Riley Deardurff (10), Matt Leetz (10),Brooke Sauter (9) and Brian Bolin (9).

Service Awards

WDSO Service Awards are given to students who are on-air qualified or very close to it. The number of years in radio includes the semester enrolled in Radio/Video class. Four years: seniors: Jackie Santos and Billy Atherton. Three years: Seniors, Kelley Jankowicz, Patrick Menn, Collin Sulcer, Jake Williams and Nate York; Juniors -- Nathan Babcock, Austin Ballestero, Sarah Duron, Lily Jablonski, Nick Moreno and Dallas Milligan. Two years: Laura Hoover (10), Matt Leetz (10) and Sean Virden (10). One year: Aubrey Christofersen (10) and Brooke Sauter (9).

Staff awards

Staff awards: members each received a certificate for serving as director in various departments. Co-Program directors, Billy Atherton (12) and Patrick Menn (12) (also received a plaque); co-music directors, Jackie Santos (12) and Kelley Jankowicz (12); news director Nathan Babcock, (11); training director, Nick Moreno (11); Sports Director, Dallas Milligan (11); PSA director, Matt Leetz (10); promotions director, Sarah Duron (11).

Staff Department Awards were Most Improved Department: Jackie Santos (12) and Kelley Jankowicz (12). . Best Department: Music --Jackie Santos (12) and Kelley Jankowicz (12). 3rd Year in a row - Most Dedicated Staff Member: Nathan Babcock (11).

Appreciation Awards

Appreciation Awards were presented to members of the school or community who have hosted special programs for WDSO, including Jim Goetz, CHS Principal; Jeff Van Drie, Kevin Zeck and Craig Stafford, CHS Assistant Principals who have hosted the CHS Weekly Report; Brad Bumgardner, Naturalist at the Indiana Dunes State Park and Jean-Pierre Anderson, Naturalist at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, hosts of Naturally Speaking. Dr. Carol Dartz (Owner/Veterinarian), Dr. Johanna Nimeth and Dr. Jennifer Herbert veterinarians, and Sarah Chatwell, Veterinary Technician, at Arbor View Animal Hospital, hosts of the monthly show Pet Talk; Chesterton Tribune for providing Echoes of the Past for WDSOís Daily Almanac Show; Serena Sutliff, curator of the Westchester Township History Museum for hosting Historically Speaking, and Chris Acton, publicist for the Chesterton Art Center for hosting Artful Conversations.

Next Yearís Staff

During the event the new staff for the 2013-14 school year was announced. They include: co-program directors, juniors Nick Moreno and Nathan Babcock; co-music directors, Sarah Duron (11), Lilly Jablonski (11) and assistant music director, Austin Ballestero (11); news director, Brooke Sauter (9); training director, Sean Virden (10); co-sports directors, Nathan Dickinson (11) and Laura Hoover (10); and PSA director, Aubrey Christensen (10).

Matthew Waters is the Station Manager/Faculty Advisor and Michele Stipanovich is the stationís Operations Manager.



Posted 5/22/2013