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Two more days to complete online survey for new school superintendent

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There are still two more days--through Friday, March 10--by which to complete an online survey to help the Duneland School Corporation’s contracted consultant BWP & Associates recruit a new superintendent.

The survey may be accessed at the Duneland Schools website:

Or else at

Paper copies of the survey are also available at the Duneland Schools central office, 601 W. Morgan Ave. in Chesterton. Completed paper surveys should be returned to the same location.

The survey takes only a couple of minutes to complete and data collected from it will be used to assemble a profile for the identification and selection of the most qualified candidates. In order to ensure accurate results, folks are asked to complete only one survey.

Respondents are asked the following:

--To identify themselves by category: Dunelander, parent of child in the Duneland Schools, student, teacher, member of non-child household, and so on.

--To check what they believe are the Top 3 strengths of the Duneland Schools. Among them: safety, good facilities, financial management, resources, culture and climate, class size, curriculum.

--To check what they believe to be the Top 3 most important skills in a superintendent. Among them: organizational, instructional, financial, communicative, managerial, interpersonal.

--To check what they believe to be the Top 3 traits a superintendent should exhibit. Among them: peacemaker, collaborator, advocate, delegator, integrity.

--And to check as very important, important, or not important a number of possible qualifications for a new superintendent. Among them: doctoral degree, experience as a superintendent, experience as a principal, experience as a classroom teacher, experience in finance.

On Tuesday evening, BWP & Associates held a public meeting at Chesterton Middle School, for the purpose of collecting more data from stakeholders to be used in the search and recruitment process. Full coverage of that meeting will appear in Thursday’s edition of the Chesterton Tribune.


Posted 3/15/2017




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