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State releases delayed 2013 ISTEP results; Duneland shows improvements

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The Indiana Department of Education on Wednesday released the statewide ISTEP-plus scores from the testing this spring showing an increase in scores statewide with 79.5 percent of students passing the English/Language Arts portion (79.4 percent in 2012) and 82.7 percent passing math (81.2% in 2012).

Passing both sections was 73.5 percent, according to DOE data.

While traditionally released earlier in the summer, results were delayed due to computer glitches during testing in numerous schools across the state including the Duneland School Corporation.

DSC scores are up this year and still above the state averages with an overall score of 84.6 passing the English portion and 86.8 percent passing Math. Passing both were 79 percent. In 2012, Duneland Schools scored an overall passing rate of 83 percent for English and 85.3 percent for Math with 77 percent passing both.

Assistant Superintendent of Instruction Jim Goetz noted that the school saw improvements across all schools including the middle school which had the lowest scores last year.

“We’re happy but not satisfied. We’re always striving to do better and we need to do better. We’d like to see 100 percent, that would be marvelous. But that’s what all schools statewide work for,” Goetz said.

Goetz said he believes Duneland scores could have been higher this year if it weren’t for the computer glitches, as would other school districts affected. Duneland reported students taking the test were being booted off the system for at least two testing days.

“Were we affected by it? I don’t see how we couldn’t,” said Goetz, adding that a lot of pressure is put on students for testing. He hopes the state will be able to eradicate the computer problems by next year.

Meanwhile, Saint Patrick School’s results were the highest locally with 97.5 percent passing English and 99.4 percent passing math for all grades with 97.5 percent passing both. Last year, Saint Patrick’s overall scores were also the highest with 98 percent passing English, 98 percent passing math and 96 passing both.

Discovery Charter School’s results stayed virtually the same as last year, dipping just slightly with 90.3 percent passing both the English and Math portions compared to 90.5 percent in 2012. Scores in English and Math basically flipped this year for Discovery with 95 percent passing English (93.5 percent in 2012) and 92 percent passing math (96 percent in 2012).

Discovery Director Ernesto Martinez said he is not at all dismayed by the almost unnoticeable decrease. He said the school saw a population increase of about 80 new students and the school worked to boost those students’ testing performance.

“We’re very happy with the results and attribute them to the hard work of our staff, students and parents,” Martinez said. He said the school outperformed the other public school districts in Porter County. While St. Patrick’s scores were higher, Martinez pointed out Discovery has a larger student population.

The following is a grade-by-grade breakdown of the school scores in Duneland.

Grade 3

Statewide average passing in English/language arts was 85.2%. Statewide average in math was 80.1%.

Jackson: English, 95.2%; math, 96.8%; passing both, 93.7%.

Brummitt: English, 98.4%; math, 90.2%; passing both, 88.5%.

Bailly: English, 96.1%; math, 87.4%; passing both, 85.4%.

Yost: English, 86%; math, 87.2%; passing both, 82.6%.

Liberty Elementary: English, 93.3%; math, 94.1%; passing both, 88.2%.

Discovery: English, 98.1%; math, 98.1%; passing both, 96.2%.

St. Patrick: English, 100%; math, 100%; passing both, 100%.

Grade 4

Statewide average passing in English/language arts was 84.3%. Statewide average in math was 83.5%.

Jackson: English, 95.9%; math, 95.1%; passing both, 91.9%.

Brummitt: English, 75.5%; math, 75.5%; passing both, 71.4%.

Liberty Elementary: English, 90.9%; math, 96.8%; passing both, 93.7%.

Bailly: English, 88.9%; math, 94.9%; passing both, 85.9%.

Yost: English, 85.5%; math, 78.3%; passing both, 71.1%.

Discovery: English, 95.8%; math, 87.2%; passing both, 87.2%.

St. Patrick: English, 95.8%; math, 95.8%; passing both, 95.8%.

Grade 5

Statewide average passing in English/language arts was 79.2%. Statewide average in math was 87%.

Liberty Intermediate: English, 92.3%; math, 82.9%; passing both, 81.2%.

Westchester Intermediate: English, 77.3%; math, 87.3%; passing both, 74.5%.

Discovery: English, 94.3%; math, 90.6%; passing both, 88.7%.

St. Patrick: English, 93.3%; math, 100%; passing both, 93.3%.

Grade 6

Statewide average passing in English/language arts was 77.7%. Statewide average in math was 84%.

Liberty Intermediate: English, 85.3%; math, 89.3%; passing both, 81.2%.

Westchester Intermediate:: English, 82.1%; math, 91.8%; passing both, 78.9%.

Discovery: English, 91.8%; math, 89.8%; passing both, 87.8%.

St. Patrick: English, 94.7%; math, 100%; passing both, 94.7%.

Grade 7

Statewide average passing in English/language arts was 74.2%. Statewide average in math was 80.2%.

CMS: English, 83.1%; math, 86.5%; passing both, 78.1%.

Discovery: English, 92.3%; math, 92%; passing both, 88%.

St. Patrick: English, 100%; math, 100%; passing both, 100%.

Grade 8

Statewide average passing in English/language arts was 76.2%. Statewide average in math was 80.1%.

CMS: English, 76.5%; math, 78.9%; passing both, 69.9%.

Discovery: English, 100%; math, 100%; passing both, 100%.

St. Patrick: English, 100%; math, 100%; passing both, 100%.

All Grades

Statewide average passing in English/language arts was 79.5%. Statewide average in math was 82.7%

Duneland School Corp.: English, 84.6%; math, 86.8%; passing both, 79%.

Discovery: English, 95%; math, 92%; passing both, 90.3%.

St. Patrick: English, 97.5%; math, 99.4%; passing both, 97.5%.

Other school districts:

East Porter County School Corporation: English, 92.7%; math, 93.3%; passing both 87.1%.

Porter Twp. School: English, 82%; math, 85.4%; passing both 81%.

Portage Twp. Schools: English, 78.5%; math, 86.3%; passing both 74.3%.

Union Twp. School: English, 88.6%; math 90.9%; passing both 85.2%.

Valparaiso Schools: English, 88.6%, math, 90.2%; passing both 84.5%.


Posted 9/19/2013





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