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Schools welcome numerous new faces for 2013-2014

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Assistant Superintendent of Operations and Human Relations Monte Moffett presented to the Duneland School board at its meeting Monday a longer than usual list of appointments and resignations in his personnel report.

New aide positions are scattered through the school district while a number of coaches have been appointed at Chesterton Middle School, Moffett reported.

At Liberty Elementary, new lunch aides are Janet King, Loretta Frank, Beverly Rice and Shannah Wilson. Jackson Elementary welcomes Angie Fender as a lunch aide.

Two access control greeters have been appointed at Chesterton High School - Stacy Molzhon and Dave Adkins. Aaron McLaughlin will serve as technology aide at the high school.

Other technology aides for Duneland include Kenneth Kurpela at Liberty Elementary and Jennifer Staresina for Westchester Intermediate.

Also at CHS, Nina Vasquez and Eric Schafer will be study hall monitors while Jennifer Drlich and Tracey Dibble will be monitors for the hallways. CHS will also see Stephanie Rutkowski-Clark as an SRT/lunch aide.

Yost Elementary will have five new instructional aides - Amber Carroll, Lisa Bass, Ruthann Sanders, Julie Henson, and Catherine Armstrong.

Hayley Wadowski will split her time as a remediation and Title 1 aide at Bailly Elementary. Also at Bailly, Terrie Campbell will be a Title 1 aide.

Lisa Vrahoretis will be an instructional aide at LIS and Mary Jewison will do the same at WIS. Marsha Kawicki will be an instructional aide at CMS.

Christina Dolson will be a recess aide for WIS.

New bus drivers for Duneland include Carmello Gomez, Christina Conaway and Cindy Deadman.

At Bailly, Emily Allmon will be filling in as a long term substitute for second grade while another teacher is on medical leave and will serve as a Title 1 aide next semester. Inga Yarber, R.N., has been appointed as Bailly’s school nurse.

This month’s resignations included Jackson Elementary lunch aide Bonnie Rager, CMS kitchen helper Dorothy Kirka, Yost instructional aide Amber Carroll, Liberty Elementary lunch aide Nina Vasquez, CMS 7th Grade Girls track coach Kim Connelly and WIS recess aide Angie Fender.

CMS coaching

Appointments included the new lineup of coaches at the Middle School this year.

For Football A-Team, Stan Rettew will be the head coach with Evan Steiner and Dan Lynch assisting. B-Team has Bryan Eaton as head coach and Sam Marshall and Josh Tudor assisting.

For 8th Grade Volleyball, A-Team will be coached by Ashley Gordeneer and B-Team will have Diane Mrak as its coach. 7th Grade Volleyball has Dan Barkus as its A-Team coach and Kelly Gaston as its B-Team coach.

Boys Cross Country will be coached by Adam Schultz this year with Dan Paff as assistant coach.

Morgan Bradley will be coach for the cheer team.

A good start

In the other bit of business Monday, Schools Superintendent Dave Pruis said in his comments to the board all Duneland schools are falling in line with their duties these opening days of the 2013-14 school year.

“Classrooms are full and school is going on. The kids are happy and the teachers are doing their job. The hallways are empty. It has been very positive. We’re off to a good start,” Pruis said.

School officials counted a district-wide attendance of 5,851 students on the first day which is about 40 less than last September’s average daily membership (ADM) number submitted to the state.

Despite the numbers being down, Pruis said it seems like there are more students this year from his visit to the schools.

Transportation Director Jim Bloomfield remarked that bus ridership is “as full as it has ever been” which may indicate a larger proportion of children are riding the bus rather than using other means of transportation.

Count day for Duneland’s ADM, which is used for the state’s funding formula, will be on Friday, Sept. 13.



Posted 8/27/2013





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