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Schools review bus routes after tragedy in Rochester

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The Duneland School Board hired two new bus drivers at its meeting last night--Cassandra Babcock and Crystal Milam--and DSC Safety and Security Manager Michael Kellems resigned.

Board Secretary Ronald Stone asked what, if any, extra precautions have been put in place in Duneland’s transportation best practices following the recent death of three siblings at a bus stop in Rochester, Ind. when a motorist said she didn’t recognize the vehicle stopped in front of her as a school bus when she drove around it and struck the students, who were crossing the street to get on the bus early in the morning.

Duneland Transportation Manager Cathy Forszt said that Duneland doesn’t have any “crossover” stops--stops where students must cross the road to get on the bus--on roads with heavy traffic, such as Meridian Road, County Line Road, and Porter Avenue, though 35 percent of Duneland bus stops are crossovers.

Forszt said she has received a handful of comments about stops parents and other community members think could be safer. One stop has been changed, according to Forszt.

““It’s what keeps me up every single night, the safety of our children and other motorists,” Forszt said. She reported that she will also be taking feedback from drivers at an upcoming safety meeting.

The Board made the following additional personnel moves:


Leslie Tarnowski, interim treasurer, Bailly Elementary

Adam Tenbarge, seasonal althletic supervisor, CHS

Alysha Fath, extra curricular academic coach, CMS


Stephanie Daily, bus driver, DSC

Anne Stark, extra curricular academic coach, CMS


Posted 11/6/2018




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