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School starts Monday; drivers be vigilant

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Chesterton Police Chief Dave Cincoski is reminding motorists that the Duneland Schools open for business on Monday, Aug. 13, and that they can expect not only increased traffic in town but clots of kids at bus stops and students darting across roads.

Be mindful of children on Monday and all of next week, Cincoski said. Be patient. Drive slow. And be prepared to stop. The kids probably wont be thinking about traffic. So you need to.

Cincoski also reminded motorists traveling in both directions to stop for school buses when their stop-arms are extended. Its illegal not to stop--and highly dangerous--and bus drivers have both the means and the willingness to report scofflaws to the CPD.

Cincoski in particular urged parents dropping their kids off at school to be patient and vigilant in the car lines. At least one accident--a three-vehicle crash, in fact, at Chesterton Middle School--was reported during the spring semester after a driver was neither.

Finally, Cincoski asked parents not to avoid the car line by dropping their kids off across the street from CMS, forcing them to walk at their own peril through the dense traffic.



Posted 8/10/2018




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