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School board meets Tuesday to discuss transfer student policy

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The Duneland School Board will hold a special meeting Tuesday, April 23 at 5 p.m. at the Administration Center, 601 W. Morgan Avenue, Chesterton.

The purpose of the meeting is to address Policy 5111, the policy establishing legal settlement in the district, which dictates whether or not Duneland allows students to transfer in from out-of-district.

The Board accidentally closed the district to transfer students last August by adopting an amended version of Policy 5111 in a round of policy updates that contained more than 40 amended policies in a packet of more than 100 pages.

The announcement of a special meeting on Policy 5111 follows the release of a formal legal opinion from Indiana Public Access Counselor Luke H. Britt that the Board’s first adoption of the policy did not comply with Indiana Open Door Law requirements.

The public is welcome to attend with its comments and questions.



Posted 4/22/2019






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