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Residents can speak out on Duneland Schools budget Monday

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Before finalizing and submitting figures to the state, the Duneland School Board will hear public comments on the 2013 schools budget.

The budget hearing will take place during the School Board meeting Monday at 6 p.m.

Assistant Superintendent Dave Pruis will guide audience members thorough each of the school corporationís funds: the General Fund (which pays for teacher salaries) Debt Service, Pension Debt Service, Transportation, Capital Projects, and Bus Replacement.

Currently, the total of all budgets advertised comes to $63.5 million, $1.2 million more than what was advertised for 2012.

The General Fund is advertised at $34.4 million and school officials anticipate adding close to $4 million with money raised through the 22-cent per S100 assessed value tax, approved by referendum, once it becomes available next summer.

Also on Monday, the board will be given a presentation by faculty and students from Chesterton High School.

Pruis will also make an insurance committee report.

The school will announce appointments to it AIDS Advisory Committee and its Materials Reconsideration Committee.

Schools Superintendent Dirk Baer will give his comments to the board. A personnel report will also be made by Assistant Superintendent Monte Moffett.

The school board will meet in the Duneland Administration Center located at 601 Morgan Ave. in Chesterton.

Posted 9/7/2012