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Organizers of proposed charter school withdraw application

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The organizers of a proposed charter school based on a classical liberal-arts curriculum have withdrawn their application.

On Friday, the South Shore Classical Academy’s Board of Directors released the following statement:

“The Board of Directors of the proposed South Shore Classical Academy is announcing that we have withdrawn our application for a charter. We initiated this effort because we believe in the model of classical education and hoped to bring a classical school to Northwest Indiana. After public debate, it is clear that a significant part of the community does not support this project and that there are concerns about the process that accompanied it. As it was never our intention to work against or subvert the public will, we have withdrawn our application. We are deeply thankful to those on both sides of the issue who are passionate about education.”

Two days earlier, on Wednesday, a standing room-only crowd at the Westchester Library Service Center attended a public hearing held by the chartering authority, Grace College & Theological Seminary of Winona Lake, Ind. A clear majority of those in attendance opposed the proposed charter school, on the grounds that it would compete with the Duneland School Corporation and Valparaiso Community Schools for state funds, and that such a school is unneeded in the first place.



Posted 9/19/2016




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