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More Duneland Schools see drop than improvement in state grades

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Four Duneland Schools saw a drop in their Indiana Department of Educationís rating for the 2016-17 academic year, based on last springís ISTEP scores, while two saw an improvement.

Three other schools received the same rating they did in the 2016-15 academic year.

Dropping from A to B were Liberty Intermediate and Liberty Elementary.

Dropping from B to C were Brummitt Elementary and Yost Elementary.

Improving from B to A were Jackson Elementary and Chesterton High School.

Receiving the same grades were Westchester Intermediate (A), Chesterton Middle School (B), and Bailly Elementary (B).

In 2016-17 the nine Duneland Schools averaged a 3.1 grade or a B on a four-point grading scale, compared to a 3.3 grade or a B+ in 2015-16.

St. Patrick Catholic School

St. Patrick Catholic School received an A grade in 2016-17, as it did in 2015-16.

Discovery Charter School

Discovery Charter School received a B grade in 2016-17, as it did in 2015-16.

Immanuel Lutheran School

Immanuel Lutheran School received an A grade in 2016-17, as it did in 2015-16.

Valparaiso Community Schools

Valparaiso High School (A 2016-17/B 2015-16); Benjamin Franklin Middle (B/B); Thomas Jefferson Middle (A/B); Thomas Jefferson Elementary (A/A); Central Elementary (B/B); Flint Lake Elementary (B/C); Cooks Corners Elementary (A/A); Hayes Leonard Elementary (A/A); Memorial Elementary (A/A); Northview Elementary (A/A); and Parkview Elementary (B/A).

Valparaiso Community School averaged a 3.6 grade or a high B+ in 2016-17, compared to 3.5 or a solid B+ in 2015-16.

Portage Township Schools

Portage High School (B/B); Wallace Aylesworth Elementary (A/B); William Fegely Middle (B/B); Crisman Elementary (C/C); Central Elementary (C/B); Ethel R. Jones Elementary (B/A); Willowcreek Middle (B/C); Rowena Kyle Elementary (C/B); Paul Saylor Elementary (C/B); George L. Meyers Elementary (C/B); South Haven Elementary (C/B).

Portage Township Schools averaged a 2.5 grade or a solid C+ in 2016.17, compared to 2.9 or high B- in 2015-16.

East Porter County

School Corporation

Morgan Township Middle/High (A/B); Morgan Township Elementary (A/A); Kouts Middle/High (B/B); Kouts Elementary (B/B); Washington Township Middle/High (A/B); Washington Township Elementary (A/A).

East Porter County Schools averaged a 3.7 grade or an A- in 2016-17, compared to a 3.3 or B+ in 2015-16.

Porter Township

School Corporation

Boone Grove Elementary (C/B); Boone Grove High School (A/A); Boone Grove (B/C); Porter Lakes Elementary (B/B).

Porter Township Schools averaged a 3.0 grade or a B in 2016-17, compared to a 3.0 or B in 2015-16.

Union Township

School Corporation

Wheeler High School (A/B); Union Township Middle (A/A); Union Center Elementary (A/B); John Simatovich Elementary (A/A).

Union Township Schools averaged a 4.0 grade or an A in 2016-18, compared to a 3.5 or solid B+ in 2015-16.

Metropolitan School District

of Boone Township

Hebron Middle School (B/B); Hebron Elementary School (C/C).

Boone Township Schools averaged a 2.5 grade or a C+ in 2016-17, the same average grade as in 2015-16.


Posted 10/6/2017




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