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Local schools mostly improve in state A-F grading

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The Department of Education released its A-F Accountability grades for schools in Indiana for 2013 on Friday.

The A-F labels, according to the DOE’s website, improve transparency allowing parents and the community to see how their schools are performing.

The State Board of Education adopted the use of a new methodology for accountability grades starting with the 2011-12 school year.

According to the DOE, the new grade model “holds schools and corporations to higher standards and provides a more accurate picture of their performance by incorporating student academic growth and graduation rates, as well as college and career readiness, as measures of success.”

Nearly all of Duneland Schools showed improvement or stayed at the same grade compared to 2012. Improvements this year were seen at Brummitt, Yost, and Liberty Elementary Schools which rose from C grades in 2012 to A grades in 2013. Bailly Elementary improved from a B grade last year to an A.

Chesterton Middle School which was labeled as a “D” school last year, one of the lowest in Porter County, showed some improvement earning a C grade for 2013.

Earning the same grades as last year were Chesterton High School with an A, Jackson Elementary with an A, and Liberty Intermediate with a B.

The one school in the DSC that saw a dip in 2013 was Westchester Intermediate School which received a C grade on Friday after previously earning an A in 2012.

Also locally, Discovery Charter School in Porter earned an A grade this year as did St. Patrick School in Chesterton.

Grades were also up around Porter County. All high schools received either an A or B. Improving schools outside Duneland included Boone Grove HS and Washington Twp. HS which went from B to A in 2013. Also earning A’s were Portage HS, Valparaiso HS, Hebron HS and Wheeler HS.

Earning B grades were Morgan Twp. HS and Kouts/Pleasant Twp. HS.

Just two Porter County schools earned D grades -- Central Elementary and Paul Saylor Elementary both in the Portage School System. None received F grades.

Following are the list of 2013 A-F grades with 2012 and 2011 grades in parentheses for comparison.


Chesterton HS -- A (A, C)

Chesterton MS -- C (D, A)

Westchester Intermediate -- C (A, C)

Liberty Intermediate -- B (B, A)

Bailly Elem. -- A (B, A)

Brummitt Elem. -- A (C, A)

Liberty Elem. -- A (C, A)

Jackson Elem. -- A (A, A)

Yost Elem. -- A (C, A)


Discovery Charter School -- A (A, B)

St. Patrick School -- A (A, A)

High Schools in Porter County

Valparaiso -- A (A, C)

Portage -- A (A, C)

Boone Grove -- A (B, A)

Hebron -- A (A, C)

Wheeler -- A (A, C)

Morgan Twp. -- B (A, A)

Washington Twp. -- A (B, A)

Kouts -- B (B, B)


Posted 12/23/2013




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