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Four CHS students named 2017 Rising Stars of Indiana

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The Indiana Association of School Principals (IASP) is proud to present the 2017 Rising Stars of Indiana. Each Indiana high school was invited to recognize up to four students currently in the eleventh grade, based on their academic achievement. The IASP congratulates these students on all they have already achieved, as well as offering support and encouragement as they continue their efforts and expand their knowledge, growth and leadership skills well into the future.

Chesterton High School junior recipients Molly Grimes, Abigail Koster, Karlyn Layman and Nolan Poczekay have received the 2017 Rising Stars of Indiana.

Rising Stars of Indiana is being presented for the first time in 2017 as a complement to the Indiana Academic All-Stars recognition program for high school seniors, now in its 31st year.

Each student will receive a Certificate of Achievement, to be sent to the school next week. At a later date, the programís College and University sponsors will receive a list of the students who indicated an interest in their school, along with the possible fields of study noted on their submission form.

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Posted 1/19/2017




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