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Duneland, state edge up in 2017 ISTEP scores

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The Indiana Department of Education today released the scores of the 2017 ISTEP+ test taken by Indiana students last spring.

The DOE reported that performance remained stable across many schools in Grades 3 through 8 compared to last year while Grade 10 scores modestly improved.

The pattern holds true for the Duneland School Corporation which saw 63.8 percent of Grades 3-8 passing both the English Language Arts and the Math portions, according to the DOE, a slight improvement over 63.3 percent passing in 2016. Meanwhile, 47.1 percent of 10th graders at Chesterton High School passed both subjects, compared to 44.5 percent last year.

Students at Duneland performed better on the English portion than on Math, which is typical for the school corporation as well as corporations around the state in general. Grades 3-8 at Duneland saw 73.1 percent passing English and 68 percent passing Math. Grade 10 saw 70.3 percent passing English and 50.7 passing Math.

Duneland performed better than the statewide average in all sections. The state average for passing English in Grades 3-8 was 65.2 percent while Math was 58.5 percent. In Grade 10, the state average for English was 60.7 percent and Math was 36.9 percent.

Out of the nine Duneland Schools, Jackson Elementary performed the best with 68.7 percent passing both English and Math, followed by Westchester Intermediate with 67.3 percent. Besides CHS, the school with the lowest percentage of passing both was Liberty Intermediate with 65.3% percent.

Compared to other school corporations in Porter County, Duneland fared better than most but followed Valparaiso Schools, which saw 69.9 percent passing both English and Math, and East Porter County Schools, which had 67.2 passing in Grades 3-8. The Corporation in the county with the next best score after Duneland was Boone Township Schools with 59.8 percent.

However, it’s worth noting that at Grade 10, CHS scored better than all schools except for one -- Washington Twp. High School in the East Porter County School Corporation (EPCSC) which had 65.7 percent of its students passing both. Following CHS in Duneland was Morgan Twp. High School, another EPCSC school, with 44.4 percent and Valparaiso High School with 43.8 percent.

Calls made to the Duneland School Administrative Offices were not returned for comment before deadline today.

Discovery Charter

Around the Duneland area, Discovery Charter School performed better on this spring’s ISTEP test overall in Grades 3-8 than Duneland with 77.6 percent passing English, 72.6 percent passing Math and 65.9 percent passing both. However, Discovery’s 2017 scores were not as strong as its 2016 scores which had 80.0 percent passing English, 77.6 percent passing Math and 70.8 percent passing both.

Discovery Charter School saw its best performance in 3rd Grade with 87.5 percent passing both English and Math. In each succeeding grade level, Discovery saw its percentage for passing both testing portions decrease through its 8th Grade, where 46.2 percent were reported passing.

Discovery Principal Ernesto Martinez told the Chesterton Tribune he saw areas where the school did well and others it will continue to work on. He said “it’s no secret” that the testing landscape in Indiana has been inconsistent in recent years with new tests and new standards which has been “a frustrating climate” for parents, teachers, and students.

The state refurbished the test in 2014 with more rigorous standards.

“Discovery, like all schools, does great things on a daily basis to foster passion and curiosity in our students, which unfortunately isn't always captured in the annual test scores of ISTEP+. I continue to be impressed by the work and dedication of our staff, parents and students,” Martinez said.

St. Patrick among best in state

St. Patrick’s on Calumet Road in Chesterton remains one of the top schools in the state when it comes to ISTEP scores. For 2017, the school saw its scores generally increase from 90.0 percent passing both portions in 2016 for Grades 3-8 to 92 percent in 2017.

“I’m very pleased with our results again. We are up into the 90s in terms of percentages, which are the best in the region. We attribute that to our kids who come to school to learn, our parents who prepare them, the longevity of teachers and their dedication and our Pastor, Father Jon Plavcan,” said St. Patrick Principal Richard Rupcich.

Grade 7 at St. Patrick saw 100 percent of students passing in both English and Math. Grades 3, 5, and 6 also saw 100 percent passing Math.

Last year for ISTEP in 2018

The DOE stated that Indiana will continue with ISTEP testing for grades 3-8 and 10 again for the current 2017-18 school year and then will transition to ILEARN in 2018-19.

“ILEARN assesses the same Indiana Academic Standards as ISTEP+, but leverages computer adaptive testing to better inform educators about students’ strengths and weaknesses. Recruitment of educators to contribute to the development of the ILEARN assessment begins in September,” said the DOE.


Spring 2017 ISTEP+ results can be viewed by visiting:

The following is a grade-by-grade breakdown of the 2017 scores in Duneland, Discovery Charter School and St. Patrick School:

Grade 3

Statewide average passing in English/Language Arts was 69.4%. Statewide average in Math was 57.8%. Passing both was 53.2% statewide.

Bailly Elementary: English, 74.4%; Math, 63.9%; passing both, 57.3%.

Brummitt Elementary: English, 70.6%; Math, 71.0%; passing both, 66.2%.

Jackson Elementary: English, 80.0%; Math, 71.7%; passing both, 63.3%.

Liberty Elementary: English, 81.9%; Math, 63.2%; passing both, 61.0%.

Yost: English, 77.8%; Math, 74.0%; passing both, 69.4%.

Discovery Charter: English, 94.8%; Math, 87.5%; passing both, 87.5%.

St. Patrick School: English, 93.1%; Math, 100.0%; passing both, 93.1%

Grade 4

Statewide average passing in English/Language Arts was 65.9%. Statewide average in Math was 62%. Passing both was 51.5% statewide.

Bailly Elementary: English, 66.3%; Math, 74.1%; passing both, 63.8%.

Brummitt Elementary: English, 67.7%; Math, 68.7%; passing both, 61.5%.

Jackson Elementary: English, 84.5%; Math, 83.1%; passing both, 73.2%.

Liberty Elementary: English, 72.7%; Math, 73.7%; passing both, 62.6%.

Yost Elementary: English, 66.2%; Math, 62.2%; passing both, 56.8%.

Discovery Charter: English, 74.6%; Math, 73.2%; passing both, 63.4%.

St. Patrick School: English, 87.0%; Math, 91.3%; passing both, 78.3%

Grade 5

Statewide average passing in English/Language Arts was 62.4%. Statewide average in Math was 65.8%. Passing both was 53.8% statewide.

Liberty Intermediate: English, 76.2%; Math, 84.6%; passing both, 70.2%.

Westchester Intermediate: English, 76.4%; Math, 89.4%; passing both, 73.9%.

Discovery: English, 67.7%; Math, 78.5%; passing both, 64.6%.

St. Patrick School: English, 90.9%; Math, 100.0%; passing both, 90.9%

Grade 6

Statewide average passing in English/Language Arts was 66.5%. Statewide average in Math was 59.6%. Statewide average passing both was 52.8% statewide.

Liberty Intermediate: English, 71.3%; Math, 69.7%; passing both, 59.8%.

Westchester Intermediate: English, 68.9%; Math, 72.3%; passing both, 61.2%.

Discovery Charter: English, 77.4%; Math, 58.5%; passing both, 54.7%.

St. Patrick School: English, 96.9%; Math, 100.0%; passing both, 96.9%.

Grade 7

Statewide average passing in English/Language Arts was 65.1%. Statewide average in Math was 50.6%. Statewide average passing both was 46.3%.

Chesterton Middle School: English, 74.5%; Math, 66.2%; passing both, 61.4%.

Discovery Charter: English, 76.0%; Math, 52.0%; passing both, 48.0%.

St. Patrick School: English, 100.0%; Math, 100.0%; passing both, 100.0%

Grade 8

Statewide average passing in English/Language Arts was 61.9%. Statewide average in Math was 55.1%. Statewide average passing both was 48.3%

Chesterton Middle School: English, 69.8%; Math, 70.4%; passing both, 62.3%.

Discovery Charter: English, 53.8%; Math, 61.5%; passing both, 46.2%.

St. Patrick School: English, 88.9%; Math, 100.0%; passing both, 88.9%

Grade 10

Statewide average passing in English/Language Arts was 60.7%. Statewide average in Math was 36.9%. Statewide average passing both was 34.4%.

Chesterton High School: English, 70.3%; Math, 50.7%; passing both, 50.7%.

Grades 3-8 local

Statewide average passing in English/Language Arts was 65.2%. Statewide average in Math was 58.5%. Statewide average passing both was 51.5%.

Duneland School Corp.: English, 73.1%; Math, 68.0%; passing both, 63.8%.

Discovery Charter: English, 77.6%; Math, 72.9%; passing both, 65.9%.

St. Patrick School: English, 93.3%; Math, 98.7.0%; passing both, 92.0%

Grades 3-8 other school districts:

East Porter County School Corporation: English, 81.8%; Math, 72.4%; passing both 67.2%.

MSD Boone Twp. Schools: English, 69.7%; Math, 70.9%; passing both 59.8%.

Portage Twp. School: English, 64.7%; Math, 60.6%; passing both 51.1%.

Porter Twp. School: English, 70.5%; Math, 56.9%; passing both 50.9%.

Union Twp. Schools: English, 79.6%; Math, 76.6%; passing both 69.9%.

Valparaiso Schools: English, 80.6%; Math, 74.6%; passing both 68.6%.

Duneland School Totals ranked

Jackson Elementary: English, 82.4%; Math, 77.9%; passing both, 68.7%.

Westchester Intermediate: English, 72.5%; Math, 80.5%; passing both, 67.3%.

Liberty Intermediate: English, 73.9%; Math, 77.6%; passing both, 65.3%.

Brummitt Elementary: English, 69.2%; Math, 69.9%; passing both, 63.9%.

Yost Elementary: English, 71.9%; Math, 68.0%; passing both, 63.0%.

CMS: English, 72.2%; Math, 68.2%; passing both, 61.9%.

Liberty Elementary: English, 77.5%; Math, 68.3%; passing both, 61.8%.

Bailly Elementary: English, 70.4%; Math, 68.9%; passing both, 60.5%.

CHS: English, 70.3%; Math, 50.7%; passing both, 47.1%.


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