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Duneland Schools tell retirements and new hires

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The Duneland School Board on Monday approved its consent agenda with a personnel report that announced many appointments for aides at all nine schools.


The report, prepared by Assistant Superintendent of Operations and Human Resources Monte Moffett, also included two retirements.

Safety and Security Director for Duneland Stephen Rohe will retire on Oct. 16. Rohe has served in the role since 2000, having a background in law enforcement.

Also, CHS instructional aide Jennifer Gregoline has retired effective Sept. 18.

Chesterton High School

Dakota McCoy will be an instructional aide. Jennifer Escobedo will be an SRT instructional/cafeteria aide. Deb Babcock, Janet Bozak, Dixie Carter, Tehana Letica, Sharon Mazar and Stephanie Rutkowski-Clark will be SRT/cafeteria aides. Nina Vasquez will be an access/greeter. Kara Bornholdt and Marian Dorsey will be utility aides. Cindy Kelly will be the secretary for Speech/Debate and Tom Schmidt will be working with In School Alternative Class Placement.

Chesterton Middle School

Catherine Schuster will be an instructional aide.

Liberty Elementary

Joanna Barnewall and Katalyna Rogue will be recess/cafeteria aides. Kristin Sheets will be an RtI aide.

Westchester Intermediate

Mary Jewison, Jennifer Mohoi, Abigail Chavez, Faith Michael and Michelle Chisko will be instructional aides. Angela Woods, Lisa Wielgos, Christina Dolson and Rhoda Joseph will be instructional aides. Diane Schmiegel will be an RtI aide.

Bailly Elementary

Jessica Campbell, Michelle Bodie, Kyle Jagiela and Elizabeth Kadish will be aides for Title 1. Sarah McGrogan, Helene Trout and Terry Cunningham will be instructional aides. Jodie Perrine, Kristine VanCleef and Heather Huckelby will be recess/cafeteria aides. Jodie Perrine will be a remediation aide. Yvonne Clancy will be an RtI aide.

Brummitt Elementary

Arielle Watson, Trina Lewis and Lisa Graff will be aides for Title 1. Joan Garmany and Kelly Randazzo will be instructional aides. Kara Kawiecki will be a remediation aide.

Jackson Elementary

Bonnie Flint, Corine Stewart and Carrie Sabinski will be instructional aides. KaraLee Peterson will be a recess/cafeteria aide. Darlene VanEekeren, Michele Hansford and Claire Mueller will be recess/cafeteria aides. Teresa Bertrand will be a remediation aide. Stacey Mauke will be an RtI aide.

Liberty Elementary

Pam Mullin, Margaret Schlundt, Lisa Lowe and Michelle Braun will be aides for Title 1. Jennifer Edwards, Melissa Stringham and Holly Nance will be instructional aides. Jennifer Courtright, Rachel Czarnecki, Therese Bircher and Michelle Mercier will be recess/cafeteria aides.

Yost Elementary

Cheryl Malave and Kathy Wilder will be aides for Title 1. Julie Fladeland, Michelle Bryant and Lisa Cain will be instructional aides. Angie Fender will be an instructional/remediation aide. Deb Horvath, Sherry Legler and Kerry Hickman will be instructional aides. Cindy Hodgekiss will be an RtI aide.

All of Duneland

Wendy Courtney, Doris Morse, Donna Pawlak, Nick Chaja, Laura Kerr and Carol Biggs will be technology aides. Crystal Babcock, Amber Wise, Kris Bucksbarg and Jeri Miller will be kitchen helpers. Kimberly Orlando will be a bus driver. Jamie Brookhouse will be a school nurse. David Birky will be a custodian. Delinda Pierce will be a High Ability aide.

The schools’ hearing officer will be former CMS principal Jim Ton.


Resignations this month include bus drivers Tricia Cuevas-Olsen and Amanda Poland, instructional aide Kathleen Geenan, kitchen helper Kaylie Kirk, assistant cashier Anita Kerkes, technology aide Sarah Broward and kitchen helpers Kathy Gmyrek, Kathleen Chaplin, Patricia Acevedo and Melody Filipas.



Posted 9/21/2017




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