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Duneland Schools honor retiring teachers, staff, drivers

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The Duneland School Corporation announced the retirements of eight teachers and nine classified staff at the end of this school year.

The combined years of total teacher service is 237 years. The nine staff retirements total 231 combined years of service.

Retiring teachers are Paul Wilson, Chesterton Middle School-with 38 yrs; Sharon Keilman, Liberty Elementary-25 yrs; LaRue Welkie. Bailly Elementary-36 yrs.; Jane Holmgren-Chesterton High School-31 yrs.; Susan Hall, Brummitt Elementary-33yrs.; Cristine Steele, Brummitt Elementary-28 yrs.; Sandy Carney-Jackson Elementary-23 yrs.; Helen Hogan-Yost Elementary-23 yrs.

Classified staff are Theodore Prange-Transportation-14 yrs; Treva Puglisi, Administration Center-27 yrs.; Susan Ayers-Instructional Materials Center-25 yrs.; David Grismer, Duneland Maintenance-31 yrs; Linda Klemm, Chesterton Middle School-10 yrs.;Paul Dewar, Chesterton Middle School-38 yrs.; Susan Stephenson; Transportation-28 yrs.;Linda Metzler, Transportation-26 yrs.; and Margie Nay, Bailly Elementary-22 yrs.


Posted 5/27/2011