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Duneland Schools explain eLearning days policy

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The Duneland School system has issued a statement clarifying the planned eLearning days reported in a front page article in Wednesday’s Chesterton Tribune.

Participation in not optional.

“Students may or may not attend school on those two days; however, completion of the eLearning assignments is not optional,” the statement said. “Parents will have the option of sending their child(ren) to school on those two days, or keeping them home to complete their assignments.”

“The first two Duneland School eLearning days (Tuesday, Sept. 11 and Wednesday, Oct. 17) will provide students with the option of completing their lessons on their devices either in school or at home. This transition will help everyone to become familiar and comfortable with the eLearning day process.”

Teachers will be in attendance at school on all eLearning days and will be available online to assist students with lessons during specific time frames which will be communicated to students.


To find the handbook matching your child¹s school, visit and select your child¹s school under the ³Schools² tab. Then, click on the ³Helpful Information² link under ³Quick Links.² For CHS, head to the ³Resources² tab and select ³For students² to find the handbook.


Posted 8/10/2018




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