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Duneland Schools exceed state averages on new ILEARN test

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The Indiana Department of education (IDOE) revealed Wednesday that less than half of students across Indiana passed the new ILEARN standardized test that replaced the ISTEP+ for students in grades 3 through 8 this school year.

The new test measures levels of proficiency (below proficiency, approaching proficiency, at proficiency, above proficiency) rather than pass/fail. It has English Language Arts (ELA) and Math sections, similar to the ISTEP+.

All Duneland Schools came out ahead of state averages, though not a single Duneland School broke 60% of its students proficient in both the ELA and Math portions of the new test.

Broken down by grade, Duneland students came out ahead of the state averages for scores of proficient in both ELA and Math, except Westchester Intermediate fifth graders, who fell just 0.01% shy of the state average.

Jackson Elementary was the best performing elementary school and the best performing school in the district overall. Duneland students generally performed better on the Math section of the test than on the ELA section, which is a significant departure from the way they performed on the last two ISETP+ tests before IDOE mandated the switch to the ILEARN assessment.

Liberty Intermediate fifth graders outpaced Westchester Intermediate fifth graders in proficiency with both ELA and Math 53.4% to 36.8%. In sixth grade, Westchester and Liberty students were neck and neck with 45.1% and 43.2% proficient in both, respectively.

Chesterton Middle School performed better than Discovery Charter School across the Board, but not better than Saint Patrick.

As a corporation, Duneland generally performed better than the statewide averages--which were 47.9% proficient in ELA, 47.8% proficient in Math, and 37.1% proficient in both. Dunelandís best performances were 77.3 percent of Brummitt fourth graders coming out proficient in Math, 77.6 percent of Jackson third graders proficient in Math, and 78.4% of Liberty third graders proficient in Math.

Porter County Schools faring better than Duneland (44%) in overall percentage of students proficient in both ELA and Math were Valparaiso Community Schools (58.8%), Union Twp. School Corporation (58.3%), and East Porter County School Corporation (51.9%).

Discovery Charter

and Saint Patrick

Discovery Charter School third, fourth, and fifth graders outperformed every Duneland school, but Discovery saw a sharp decrease in scores in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. Discoveryís numbers for seventh and eighth grade students proficient in both ELA and Math were among the lowest in Porter County.

Saint Patrick School led in scores of proficient in both ELA and Math for schools in the Duneland area at every grade level except third grade, where Discovery Charter School outpaced them 76.7% to 64%. An average of 78.2% of Saint Patrick students were proficient in both ELA and Math. By grade, Saint Patrick students ranged from 64% proficient in both at the third grade level to 95.2% proficient in both at the fourth grade level.

Similar to Duneland, Discovery Charter students and Saint Patrick students also tended to perform better in Math than in ELA, except at the middle school level, when Discovery Charter students dropped far below the state averages for Math.


ILEARN results can be viewed at

What follows is a grade-by-grade breakdown of the 2019 ILEARN scores for Duneland, Discovery Charter School, and Saint Patrick School.

Grade 3

Statewide, 46.3% of third graders were proficient in ELA. In Math, 58.7% were proficient. Proficient in both were 41.4% on average.

Bailly Elementary: ELA, 62.2%; Math, 76.7%; proficient in both, 55.6%.

Brummitt Elementary: ELA, 61.2%; Math, 76.1%; proficient in both, 56.7%.

Jackson Elementary: ELA, 63.8%; Math, 77.6%; proficient in both, 60.3%.

Liberty Elementary: ELA, 61.9%; Math, 78.4%; proficient in both, 59.8%.

Yost: ELA, 45%; Math, 58.3%; proficient in both, 43.3%.

Discovery Charter: ELA, 76.7%; Math, 89%; proficient in both, 76.7%.

St. Patrick School: ELA, 64%; Math, 84%; proficient in both, 64%

Grade 4

Statewide, 45.8% of fourth graders were proficient in ELA. In Math, 54% were proficient. Proficient in both were 38.9% on average.

Bailly Elementary: ELA, 48.2%; Math, 65.9%; proficient in both, 44.7%.

Brummitt Elementary: ELA, 53.3%; Math, 77.3%; proficient in both, 52%.

Jackson Elementary: ELA, 68.3%; Math, 70%; proficient in both, 58.3%.

Liberty Elementary: ELA, 50.5%; Math, 69.7%; proficient in both, 43.4%.

Yost: ELA, 51.2%; Math, 60.5%; proficient in both, 44.2%.

Discovery Charter: ELA, 67.6%; Math, 76.5%; proficient in both, 60.3%.

St. Patrick School: ELA, 95.2%; Math, 100%; proficient in both, 95.2%

Grade 5

Statewide, 47.5% of fifth graders were proficient in ELA. In Math, 47.8% were proficient. Proficient in both were 36.9% on average.

Westchester Intermediate: ELA, 43.4%; Math, 56.1%; proficient in both, 36.8%.

Liberty Intermediate: ELA, 63.8%; Math, 65.5%; proficient in both, 53.4%.

Discovery Charter: ELA, 77.1%; Math, 70%; proficient in both, 62.9%.

St. Patrick School: ELA, 74.1%; Math, 92.6%; proficient in both, 70.4%

Grade 6

Statewide, 47.8% of sixth graders were proficient in ELA. In Math, 46.4% were proficient. Proficient in both were 37.1% on average.

Westchester Intermediate: ELA, 48.2%; Math, 64.7%; proficient in both, 45.1%.

Liberty Intermediate: ELA, 49.2%; Math, 63.2%; proficient in both, 43.2%.

Discovery Charter: ELA, 41.7%; Math, 45.8%; proficient in both, 35.4%.

St. Patrick School: ELA, 77.3%; Math, 86.4%; proficient in both, 72.7%

Grade 7

Statewide, 49.7% of seventh graders were proficient in ELA. In Math, 42% were proficient. Proficient in both were 35.5% on average.

Chesterton Middle School: ELA, 50.3%; Math, 52.7%; proficient in both, 39.9%.

Discovery Charter: ELA, 47.4%; Math, 28.9%; proficient in both, 18.4%.

St. Patrick School: ELA, 95.2%; Math, 90.5%; proficient in both, 85.7%

Grade 8

Statewide, 50.7% of eighth graders were proficient in ELA. In Math, 38% were proficient. Proficient in both were 33% on average.

Chesterton Middle School: ELA, 49.1%; Math, 43.8%; proficient in both, 35.5%.

Discovery Charter: ELA, 76.2%; Math, 19%; proficient in both, 19%.

St. Patrick School: ELA, 88.5%; Math, 88.5%; proficient in both, 84.6%

Grades 3-8 local

Statewide, an average of 47.9% of students were proficient in ELA. Statewide average in Math was 47.8%. Statewide average proficient in both was 37.1%.

Duneland School Corp.: ELA, 51.9%; Math, 59.8%; proficient in both, 44%.

Discovery Charter: ELA, 66%; Math, 63.8%; proficient in both, 53.1%.

St. Patrick School: ELA, 81.7%; Math, 90.1%; proficient in both, 78.2%

Grades 3-8 other districts:

East Porter County School Corporation: ELA, 64.3%; Math, 63.5%; proficient in both 51.9%.

MSD Boone Twp. Schools: ELA, 48.6%; Math, 48.8%; proficient in both 35.9%.

Portage Twp. School: ELA, 44.1%; Math, 44.3%; proficient in both 32.2%.

Porter Twp. School: ELA, 50.2%; Math, 40.1%; proficient in both 30.7%.

Union Twp. Schools: ELA, 70.4%; Math, 67.7%; proficient in both 58.3%.

Valparaiso Schools: ELA, 69.8%; Math, 68.7%; proficient in both 58.8%.

Duneland School Totals ranked

Jackson Elementary: ELA, 66.1%; Math, 73.7%; proficient in both, 59.3%.

Brummitt Elementary: ELA, 57%; Math, 76.8%; proficient in both, 54.2%.

Liberty Elementary: ELA, 56.1%; Math, 74%; proficient in both, 51.5%.

Bailly Elementary: ELA, 55.4%; Math, 71.4%; proficient in both, 50.3%.

Liberty Intermediate: ELA, 56.3%; Math, 64.3%; proficient in both, 48.2%.

Yost Elementary: ELA, 48.6%; Math, 59.6%; proficient in both, 43.8%.

Westchester Intermediate: ELA, 46%; Math, 60.7%; proficient in both, 41.2%

CMS: ELA, 49.7%; Math, 48.3%; proficient in both, 37.7%.



Posted 9/6/2019




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