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Duneland School 2014 retirees put in 241 years of service

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The Duneland School Corporation will say goodbye to nine of its teachers and staff retiring this year.

Assistant Superintendent of Operations and Human Relations Monte Moffett said the corporation is “graduating” 267.5 years of teaching experience with 241 of those at Duneland among the retirees.

“Their efforts will surely be missed. We thank them for their time, energy, and commitment to our kids,” said Moffett.

The retiree with the most years is Chesterton High School mathematics teacher Stephen Kearney who started teaching 44 years ago. Kearney is also a 1966 graduate of CHS, Moffett added.

Putting in another 40-plus years is Yost Elementary P.E. teacher Connie Hamilton whose teaching career spans 42.5 years with 41 of those at the Duneland Schools.

Yost 4th Grade teacher Mary Jo Keck is retiring with 32 years of service exclusively at Duneland.

Liberty Elementary 4th Grade teacher Richard Piechnik has 37 years of teaching service with 26 of those at Duneland.

Yost Elementary 4th Grade teacher Debra Imhof has 26 years of service at Duneland.

Yost music teacher Martha Kearney has taught for 23 years at Duneland.

Duneland Schools guidance director Dianna Whitman has 25 years of experience with 21 of those at Duneland.

Liberty Elementary 3rd Grade teacher Claudia Trzeciak is retiring after 19 years of teaching.

CMS English teacher Linda Peele is retiring with 17 years of teaching, nine of those at Duneland.

Duneland School Board President Ralph Ayres echoed Moffett’s comments saying these nine educators have shown dedication to the “Duneland Difference.”

“They never truly retire. They keep on educating,” he said.

Also in his personnel report, Moffett named appointments including Bailly Elementary ELL aide Nicole Clark, Duneland maintenance department worker Kyle Jimenez, groundskeeper Greg Martinson, custodian Donna Nay, CHS JV softball assistant coach Emily Frikken, CHS 9th Grade basketball coach Casey Martin, Duneland high ability aide Melissa Valtierra and Liberty Elementary tech aide Dawn Madura.

Resignations for this month are Duneland high ability aide Laura O’Dell, CMS instructional aide Matt Mullin, Bailly Elementary ELL aide Jodi Thieleman, and Duneland maintenance worker Jim Romanak.

Taking child care leave from Feb. 10 to March 6 is Yost Elementary 1st Grade teacher Erin Rhodes.


Posted 2/4/2014




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