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Crosswalk warning lights go live at W. Porter Ave./11th St

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Duneland School students--and pedestrians of all stripes--trying to cross West Porter Ave. and South 11th Street will no longer have to cool their heels futilely while motorists ignore the crosswalk at the three-way intersection, especially during the morning and afternoon rush hours.

Now all the kids need do is press the button activating newly installed LED flashers on both sides of the street.

The flashers are a joint project of the Chesterton Street Department and the Duneland School Corporation, originally broached several months ago by Duneland Schools Director of Support Services Greg Lindy, who alerted Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg to a concern shared by a number of school bus drivers. “When kids were at the crosswalk at 11th Street and West Porter Ave., at times they were having difficulty crossing Porter Ave. because of the three-way intersection and Porter Ave. not having a stop sign,” Schnadenberg said.

The solution suggested by the Street Department: a solar powered crosswalk warning system with a push-button trigger. Hit the button and the LED lights are activated for approximately 30 seconds, long enough to cross West Porter Ave.

The cost of the project--around $5,600--was split down the middle by the Town of Chesterton and the Duneland Schools, and by installing the system in-house the Street Department saved some $3,500 on the total cost.

Schnadenberg is enthused about the project for two reasons, beside the primary one of making kids’ walk to school safer: first, it’s a great example, he said, of two public entities working together to solve a problem; second, the solar-powered lights mean that the town won’t be on the hook for electric.

Schnadenberg did want to remind folks of the state law on crosswalks: when a child or any other pedestrian is in a crosswalk, motorists are obligated to stop.


Posted 4/17/2019




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