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CHS Trojan Guard wins State Championship in Scholastic Class A

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The Chesterton High School Trojan Guard Marching Band brought home the title of the Indiana State School Music Association’s (ISSMA) 2015 Scholastic Class “A” State Champion this past weekend. This event was hosted by Lawrence Central High School of Indianapolis on behalf of ISSMA Inc.

On Saturday, October 10, three high schools including one from each the Northern, Central, and the Southern regions of Indiana, hosted the Scholastic Class Preliminary competitions across the state. The results of these competitions determined which scholastic class bands qualified to move on to their State Finals. A total of 13 bands made it through these preliminary events, giving them the chance to compete head-to-head at the ISSMA State Scholastic Finals.

“This season has been a struggle for our kids, the production is more physically and musically demanding then those of recent years, and it’s taken most of the fall for the team to grow into it,” said Trojan Guard Director Mike Scheiber. “The subject matter of this show is something that every American can relate to. It helped our success early on, but it was the kids’ inability to back down from the challenges of the show that made them successful this weekend,” Scheiber said.

Just as they did after winning their last State Championship in 2013, the band entered Chesterton late Saturday night behind the lights and sirens of two local police vehicles that met the group at the edge of town, and escorted them to the high school with horns blaring. Scores of Trojan Guard relatives, friends, and alumni were waiting to welcome the band with signs waving, and even more horns honking.

As the Scholastic “A” Class Champions, the group will perform in Indianapolis’ Lucas Oil Stadium on Saturday, November 7, as part of the ‘Open Class’ State Finals. Immediately after their performance, the members of the Trojan Guard will take part in an awards ceremony designed to recognize them as the new ISSMA Scholastic Class “A” State Champions.

Entitled: “A Brave New World”, this year’s Trojan Guard field show is an artistic representation of a simpler time in America’s past, the trials that currently test us, and a celebration of the American Spirit and the bright days that undoubtedly lie ahead for the Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave. The four movement production features adaptations of two well-known concert pieces including: ‘American Faces’ written by David Holsinger for the concert band, and ‘Casus Belli’ composed by Andrew Boysen Jr. for the symphony orchestra. Additional material includes arrangements of ‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World’ originally composed for the pop/rock band of the 80’s known as “Tears for Fears,” and later adapted as part of the music score for the Lions Gate Entertainment movie release of “The Hunger Games.” The Trojan Guard closes their production with a flag waving original composition by composer Key Poulan entitled “Let Freedom Ring”.

The 95 students in the Trojan Guard include Amera Abuhakmeh, Victoria Adams, Keyon Allen, Bianca Alvarez, Hailey Ayala, Mariah Bement, Abby Billings, Kris Bodie, Brian Bolin, Trey Bonnema, Sariah Brimberry, Aaron Brookhouse, Katie Budzius, Andrew Cernick, Emily Cernick, Belle Chandler, Madison Comfort, Mercedes Cooper, Dakota Cummins, Nick Dericco, Tristan Dooley, Naomi Draus, Annabelle Engel, Dani Else, Jacob Espinoza, Laura Estridge, Victoria Evans, Andrew Figg, Riley Franklin, Sailor Franklin, Toby Franklin, Jessica Fuller, Izabelle Galvin-Ellis, David Gerth, Anthony Hampton, James Hawley, Ally Henry, Nathan Herr, Hailey Hickey, David Hodgkiss, Loren Hodgkiss, Mark Hodgkiss, Brandon Jackett, Curtis Jones, Hollie Jones, Jack Jones, Holly Kittredge, David Kosakowski, Nate Kravitz, Anthony Langley, Olivia Lee, Shania Lubarski, Jackson Lucken, Hannah Maluvac, Madison McCall, Nathan McCall, Shaye McCarthy, Reagan McCoy, Taylor McElheny, Clare McNicholas, Elissa McNicholas, Abby Morris, Kaylee Mullins, Madison Muszynski, Violet Needham, Eli Ontiveros, Spencer Ostrega, Fred Owens, Bryan Pamintuan, Joel Peterson, Nathan Poczekay, Nolan Poczekay, Jocelyn Rattray, Lysette Rattray, Dylan Rodriguez, Zach Royko, Samantha Runions, Joe Sabol, Kylie Sabol, Sydney Sarver, Delaney Schavey, Danny Schmiegel, Chris Sexton, Ashley Shideler, Emily Soblotne, Colin St. Mary, Natalie Stemler, Ayssa Thompson, Hunter Torres, Alissa VanNoort, Jacob Weitzel, Brooke Wilson, Harley Wines, Jacob Winland. The student prop crew for the Trojan Guard includes Kelsey Bolton, Kaitlyn Brueggert, Madison Figg, Ryan Herr, Liam Oberlander and Kaitlyn Shideler.

The drum major for the Trojan Guard is Diva Bridegroom.

The Trojan Guard is under the direction of Michael Scheiber with assistance from Vincent Arizzi. Additional staff includes Lisa Scheiber as Color Guard director and Jeff Wroblewski as drill designer.

For additional information regarding the Trojan Guard or any band activity, please contact the CHS Music Department at 983-3730.


Posted 10/26/2015






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