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CHS students honored at Speech and Debate Awards

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The Chesterton High School Speech and Debate Department hosted their end of the year awards program at the school on Thursday, May 29. Awards were given to Speech and Debate students during the ceremony by coaches Carol Biel, Jessica Cleary, Josh Coots, Robert Kelly, Chris Lowery, Kirsten Reed, Eric Schaefer and Shane Smith.

Honorable Mention: Sajag Agarwal, Keerat Basra, Meghan Bernth, Liz Bolek, Zach Claahsen, Joanna Kowalczyk, Fred Owens, Nathan Poczekay, CeCe Smith, Michael Stapay and Berkli Thompson.

Most Promising: Katrina Balon, Natalie Beglin, Karly Carden, Elaina Chavez, Quinlan Doolin, Nate Gowen, Izzy Goodman, Samuel Gutierrez, Lexy Justak, Trevor Krygier, Johny Mario, Isabella Portugal, Nate Scheerer and Hunter Warren.

Outstanding Promise: Shawn Adams, Sam Gordon, Hayden Hodge, Victoria Hooten, Ayesha Khan, Carley Lowe, Joel Peterson, Jordan Sweet, Eddie Young, Mark Wilcox, James Van Drie and Ellyn Winski.

Most Improved: Nate Burris, Andrew Caratini, Andrea Drygas, Chris Krause, Eric Richardson, Robert St. Pierre and Jake Williger.

Personal Growth: Kaley Brown, Max Brown, Tyler Colvin, Olivia Dujmovich, Kasey O’Keefe, Emily Percifield, Don Reinert, Savannah Tipton, Tim Vincent, Galen Wong and Eric Zhong.

Outstanding Speakers: Katherine Bolek, Matt Eggers, Elizabeth Green, Salman Lakhani, Nadia Mario and Danny Vincent.

Outstanding Program Contributions: Abby Burke, Nate Dickinson, Justyn Lantz, Corinne Leopold, Layla Mooradian, Jessica Ratel-Khan and Jami Ritchea.

Named MVP Mikaela Meyer

Outstanding Parents: Jim Vincent and Dora Kovach

NFL National Qualifiers: Shawn Adams, Zach Bogich, Abby Burke, Nate Burris, Andrew Caratini, Andrea Drygas, Matt Eggers, Alex Genetski, Victoria Hooten, Elizabeth Green, Salman Lakhani, Justyn Lantz, Carley Lowe, Mikaela Meyer, Joel Peterson, Don Reinert, Jami Ritchea, Tim Vincent, Galen Wong and Eric Zhong.

NCFL National Participants: Natalie Beglin, Abby Burke, Zach Bogich, Andrew Caratini, Matt Eggers, Alex Genetski, Salman Lakhani, Justyn Lantz, Mikaela Meyer, Layla Mooradian, Joel Peterson, Jessica Ratel-Khan, Jami Ritchea, Hannah Vasquez and Tim Vincent.


Posted 6/2/2014