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CHS Student Press awards presented

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The Chesterton High School Student Press presented its annual Quill and Scroll induction and publications awards dinner on the evening of May 18 at the Thomas Branch of the Westchester Public Library.

Editor-publisher Warren H. Canright of the Chesterton Tribune presented the 28th annual Warren R. Canright Outstanding Senior Journalist Award to Katelyn Povlinski of the Sandscript and Allison Corona of Singing Sands.

English/Journalism teacher John Hayduk awarded the 11th annual Kathryn Elizabeth Pokorny Student Press Memorial Scholarships, courtesy of the Clare and Frank Pokorny Family, to Jessica Campbell and Katelyn Povlinski of the Sandscript and to Singing Sands' Allison Corona, all of whom will attend Indiana University.

Jennifer Williams, Morgan Trial, and Kaliegh Quick of the Sandscript were presented with summer workshop partial grants to the Indiana University High School Journalism Institute in Bloomington.

Also honored were new and current members of the Kathryn Elizabeth Pokorny Chapter of the International Honorary Society of High School Journalists (Quill and Scroll) and other staff members of the Sandscript and Singing Sands.

Quill and Scroll inducted 17 new members and recognized five current members during a candlelight ceremony emceed by president Katelyn Povlinski and secretary Allison Corona, assisted by Lindsey Casbon, Holly Pearson, and Jordyn Welling of Singing Sands.

Those inducted from the Sandscript included Jessica Campbell, Hannah Froman, Spencer Gordon, Jessica Hickle, Jeffrey Russell, Micheala Sosby, April Spenny, Haleigh VanderVinne, Jennifer Williams, and Maria Zakhar; those from Singing Sands included Megan Amling, Eric Dishman, Toni Greco, Evelyn Hanson, and Bradley Levi; from WDSO-FM was William Atherton; and from both the Sandscript and WDSO-FM was Alison Larimore.

Receiving updated pins were Katelyn Povlinski of the Sandscript and English/Journalism teacher/advisor Bill Caulton, Allison Corona, and Jordyn Welling of Singing Sands. Senior members receiving honor certificates and/or cords included Jessica Campbell, Katelyn Povlinski (honors cord for over eight semesters of service) and Maria Zakhar of the Sandscript; Megan Amling, Allison Corona (honors cord for over eight semesters of service), Lindsey Casbon, Evelyn Hanson, Bradley Levi, Holly Pearson and Jordyn Welling (honors cord for over eight semesters of service) of Singing Sands; and Alison Larimore (honors cord for over eight semesters of service) of both the Sandscript and WDSO-FM.

After dinner, service certificates and major awards for the Sandscript and Singing Sands were presented.

Katelyn Povlinski of the Sandscript received the South Bend Tribune Most-Valuable Newspaper Staffer Award; she, along with other Michiana high school journalists, will be featured in the Tribune in June.

For Singing Sands, Allison Corona was named most-valuable staffer and Lindsey Casbon, most-valuable editor.

Receiving outstanding-in-class honors from the Sandscript were Micheala Sosby, outstanding sophomore; Jessica Hickle, outstanding junior; and Katelyn Povlinski, outstanding senior; and from Singing Sands, Katie Smith, outstanding freshman; Katie Haggerty, outstanding sophomore; Toni Greco, outstanding junior; and Allison Corona, outstanding senior.

Honored as best newspaper cub reporter was Kaliegh Quick of the Sandscript, while Jessica Hickle of the Sandscript was named most-professional newspaper staffer.

Named best new staffers were Maria Zakhar of the Sandscript and Katie Haggerty of Singing Sands.

Designated as most-improved staffers were Jeffrey Russell of the Sandscript and Sheila Swibes of Singing Sands.

For producing quality work in a low-key manner, the Sandscript's Hannah Froman and Morgan Trial received Subtle Quality awards.

Singing Sands' Eric Dishman received the Most-Committed Staffer Award.

For spending notable time after school working on their publications, Micheala Sosby and Jennifer Williams of the Sandscript and Toni Greco of Singing Sands received the Midnight Oil awards.

Editors-in-chief for the 2011-12 newspaper and yearbook were announced. Micheala Sosby will be EIC for the Sandscript, while Eric Dishman and Toni Greco will be co-EICís for Singing Sands.

Hayduk is advisor to the Sandscript and sponsor of Quill and Scroll; Caulton is advisor to Singing Sands and technology teacher Matthew Waters is station manager of WDSO-FM.


Posted 5/19/2011




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