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CHS Speech team dominates NE District

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The Chesterton speech team dominated the Northeast District competition this weekend taking eight of the twelve national qualifying spots. Twenty of the team’s 24 entries advanced to final rounds (top six), and the team had at least one qualifier in each event. The tournament began with 90 students from seven schools in the Northeast District. All students competed in two preliminary rounds with the top 12 in each event advancing two semifinals and then the top six moving on to a final round.

National qualifiers included seniors Justyn Lantz and Jami Ritchea in memorized duo, Liz Green in humor, Mikaela Meyer and Galen Wong in oratory and Andrew Caratini in international extemp. In addition Shawn Adams (11) and Victoria Hooten (10) qualified in memorized duo, Carley Lowe (11) in drama, Nate Burris in United States extemp. This will be Ritchea’s and Meyer’s second national tournament. Both Ritchea and Lantz qualified in their single events, humor and duo respectively, but chose to attend the national tournament in duo. Tim Vincent (10) qualified in international extemp but chose to go in policy debate. The NFL national tournament will be held in Overland Park, Kansas in June.

“We are very proud to have such a large group heading to the national tournament this summer. The huge success this weekend is what we need to continue our drive into state next weekend. While the coaching staff is extremely proud of those who qualified we are also incredibly proud of the talented kids who did not qualify. They have grown so much and proven class acts in dealing with disappointing news,” said coach Eric Schaefer.

The team also won the sweepstakes awards for most rounds in speech, and speech & debate combined.

Other finalists for Chesterton included six alternates- students who could qualify if either of the two qualifiers were unable to attend the national tournament. The six alternates were seniors Liz Green and Layla Mooradian in memorized duo, Mooradian in oratory, Danny Vincent (12) in drama, James VanDrie (9) in humor, Jessica Ratel-Khan (12) and Hayden Hodge (9) in United States extemp.

Also in final rounds were junior Kasey O’Keefe, who placed fifth in drama, Isabella Portugal (9) who placed sixth in humor, and Andrea Drygas who placed sixth in international extemp. Drygas will be going to the national tournament, however, because she had previously qualified in Congressional debate.

Coaches Bob Kelly, Eric Scheafer, Kirsten Reed, and Jessica Cleary were assisted by several former students and parents who helped with judging the tournament.


Posted 3/10/2014