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CHS Speech takes teams to two tourneys

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The Chesterton High School Speech Team split into two squads before the holiday break, and had success at both tournaments. One squad competed at Concord High School in Elkhart and the other competed at the national circuit tournament known as The Glenbrooks, in Northbrook, Illinois. The team at Concord took second place and the team competing at The 40th Annual Glenbrooks Speech and Debate Tournament had several national quarterfinalists.

Chesterton had four tournament champions at Concord, each in the novice division of his or her event. Those champions included Jackson Jessen in US extemporaneous speaking, Olivia Vogel in humorous interpretation, Christopher Israelite in original performance, and Leah Dorsey in dramatic interpretation.

Coach Jacob Lukach expressed joy at the success of the team’s newest members. “To see several of our brand new members winning so handily is a great sign for where the speech program is going,” Lukach said.

Other placings at Concord included Adan Aitchison’s third place win in novice broadcasting, Hannah Anders’ third place in humorous interpretation, Sam Evans’ fourth place in novice poetry and fourth in novice prose, Lilly Ewen’s third place in novice prose, Mattea Sklut’s third in broadcasting and second in humorous interpretation, along with Owen Cowsert’s second place in broadcasting, Kylie Brickley’s fourth in discussion, Miranda Miller’s second place in dramatic interpretation, Allison Soblotne’s second in informative speaking, Logan Riley’s third place in poetry, and McKenna Middendorf’s fifth in prose.

At the Glenbrooks, over 1,500 competitors, from more than 368 schools representing 40 states, competed in the two-day national circuit tournament. All contestants competed in four preliminary rounds before breaking to elimination rounds. Most events started with from fifty to one hundred entries. To make the break to quarterfinals, contestants needed to be in the top twenty-four in their events. Chesterton had five students place in the top twenty-four as quarterfinalists. Those students were Dylan Leavitt in programmed oral interpretation, the team of Kaitlyn Papka and Lily Roberts in duo interpretation, and the team of George Tracy and Nathan Mullin in duo interpretation. Mullin was also a quarterfinalist in his solo event of humorous interpretation.

“We’re fortunate to have a community that supports these students and offers them the opportunity to show the rest of the nation what they’re made of,” said head coach Eric Schaefer. “This was an extremely competitive national tournament, and the students’ efforts paid off.”

The team took a break for the holiday weekend, but returns to the front lines this weekend at Bradley University’s classic annual tournament.



Posted 12/2/2019




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