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CHS online report cards have a few rough edges

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Parents of Chesterton High School students were unable to access their children’s report card grades on Duneland’s online access portal this past weekend, but administrators said they “believe they have the bugs worked out” and the portal is now behaving as it should.

CHS Principal Jeff Van Drie confirmed there was a period of a few days when the system would not allow parents to access the report cards after school technicians were trying to make corrections once it was discovered that a few individual GPAs were not computing correctly, particularly F grades.

“For example, if a student received four F’s and one C, the computer would show a C average,” Van Drie said.

CHS report card grades were released on Friday and the school had alerted parents by phone about troubles with the parental access portal.

Van Drie said the school “hasn’t been able to put a finger on it” as to what was the source of the glitch but the portal was functioning as of Monday and since the school has not received any phone calls alerting them to further computer problems.

“We had a couple bugs not realized until we got out the report cards,” Van Drie said.

CHS also issued paper copies of report cards and there are no plans as of now to stop distributing grades in that method, Van Drie said.

At Monday’s Duneland School Board meeting, member Kristin Kroeger said several parents told her over the weekend they had troubles seeing the report cards online.

Assistant Superintendent of Instruction Jim Goetz told Kroeger he did not know why the glitches occurred but heard “things got fixed” Monday.

“It was off a little while and now it is back on,” he said.

The access portal is powered by Skyward which replaced the former RDS system earlier this year.

Parents also reported quirks during this year’s online student registration using the new Skyward system. Goetz had told the school board the problems were looked at, corrected and anticipates a lesser volume of snafus next year.



Posted 11/6/2013