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CHS Novice speakers see success

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On Saturday, Oct. 12, thirty CHS students had the chance to experience their first ever debate tournament. Munster was the host to the now annual “Novice only” first tournament of the season. CHS was represented in three of the four events.

Chesterton’s success came mostly in the Public Forum Division. Nate Scheerer and Hunter Warren were named the tournament champions after accumulating a 3 Š 1 record. Kevin Jugovic and Johnny Mario (4th), Nicki Achor and Lennon Metz (6th), Hayden Hodge and Mark Wilcox (7th), Keagan Wong and Nate Gowen (8th), and Bridget Bull and Thomas Appel (9th) also placed. Hodge and Wilcox should have placed higher after a tabulation error incorrectly identified a loss.

In the Policy division, Mitchell Reynolds and Sam Gutierrez came in third after only dropping one round. Liz Bolek and Sajag Agarwal came in 8th.

In Lincoln-Douglas debate, Chesterton’s Trevor Krygier was 9th with a 3-1 record.

The fourth debate event, Congress, got its start the week earlier at the Valparaiso Fall Congress. In the varsity division, Andrea Drygas (3rd), Matt Eggers (6th), and Jordan Sweet (7th) all placed. Matt Eggers was named an “outstanding presiding officer.” The whole team will be on display for the first time this week at the Penn invitational tournament.



Posted 10/15/2013