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CHS No decision on discipline for student climate action Friday

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Chesterton High School Principal Brent Martinson says CHS students who walk out of school Friday as part of a planned demonstration in support of the Global Climate Strike will be marked truant, but no other disciplinary action is decided yet.

The Chesterton Tribune reached out to Duneland Schools Administrators following an announcement that the student-led CHS Social Justice League has planned a climate strike walkout for 10 a.m. Friday, Sept. 27.

Martinson said, though students who walk out will be marked truant, no additional disciplinary action for those students is planned yet. At the time he spoke with the Chesterton Tribune Monday night, Martinson was skeptical the walkout will actually happen, and reported he’ll decide on disciplinary action when/if it does.

Martinson said he has engaged in a direct and open dialogue with the students behind the planned walkout and discussed the possibility of holding an after school event instead. He added that he respects their passion on the topic.

CHS students who participated in a planned walkout last year in solidarity with the victims of the Parkland, Florida mass shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School were marked truant and asked to complete either an act of community service or a brief essay explaining why they walked out.

Duneland Schools Superintendent Dr. Chip Pettit said any disciplinary action for this Friday’s walkout will be up to Martinson, but added, “We will respect students’ rights to express themselves in any way that does not jeopardize student safety.”

Students have planned to meet at the flagpole in front of CHS and encourage members of the community to join them “to draw attention to the climate emergency because the U.S. and global governments have failed to take sufficient action to mitigate this unprecedented crisis,” according to a release.

A Chicago event for the Global Climate Strike, a youth-led initiative to have approximately 4,000 events in more than 150 countries to call for global action on climate change, took place last Friday, Sept. 20.


Posted 9/25/2019




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