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CHS newspaper and year book staff honored

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The Chesterton High School Student Press presented its annual Quill & Scroll induction and student press awards dinner on May 17 at the Westchester Public Library Baugher Center.

Chesterton Tribune Editor David Canright presented the 34th annual W.R. Canright Outstanding Senior Journalist Award to Erin Grimes of the Sandscript and Kaitlyn Szprychel of Singing Sands.

Former-CHS math teacher Clare Pokorny and her husband Frank presented the 17th annual Kathryn Elizabeth Pokorny Student Press Memorial scholarships to Erin Grimes of the Sandscript, who will attend St. Maryís College in South Bend, and Celeste Coughlin and Kaitlyn Szprychel of Singing Sands, who will attend Indiana University in Bloomington and Indiana University/Purdue University-Indianapolis, respectively.

English teacher/Quill & Scroll sponsor/Sandscript advisor John Hayduk awarded partial grants to the Indiana University High School Journalism Institute this summer in Bloomington to the Sandscriptís Brenna Farrell and Genevieve Moran.

Also honored were new and current members of the Kathryn Elizabeth Pokorny Chapter of the International Honorary Society of High School Journalists (Quill & Scroll) and other staff members of the Sandscript and Singing Sands.

Quill & Scroll

Quill & Scroll inducted one new member and recognized eight current members during a candle-lit ceremony emceed by chapter president Grimes and secretary Scott Hill.

Inducted from Singing Sands was Cassidee Rosenbaum.

Receiving updated pins were Grimes, Moran, and Wahl of the Sandscript, and Philip Flores, English teacher/Singing Sands advisor Charles Smith, and Lisa Wratten of Singing Sands. Senior members receiving honor certificates included Grimes and Wahl of the Sandscript, and Flores, Hill, Szprychel, and Wratten of Singing Sands. Grimes and Szprychel also were presented with graduation honor cords for their eight+ semesters of outstanding journalistic work.

CHS asst. principal Brent Martinson was given a testimonial scroll by Quill & Scroll members for his outstanding cooperation with and support of high school journalism.

Sandscript & Singing Sands

Following a buffet dinner, service certificates and awards for the Sandscript and Singing Sands were presented by Hayduk and Smith, respectively.

Receiving a national outstanding story-writing award from the American Scholastic Press Association (ASPA) was Sandscript staffer Moran.

Taking outstanding-in-class honors for the Sandscript were Caitlin Bull, outstanding sophomore; Moran, outstanding junior; and Grimes, outstanding senior.

Among other Sandscript staffers honored were Nicole Bilyak, best cub reporter; Farrell, Grimes, and Moran, most committed staffers; Wahl, most improved staffer; and Farrell, Grimes, and Moran, most professional staffers.

For producing quality work in an unassuming manner, Bull of the Sandscript received the subtle quality award. For spending notable time after school working on their publication, Grimes and Moran of the Sandscript received midnight oil awards.

Receiving outstanding-in-class honors for the Singing Sands were Coughlin, most valuable staffer; Sydney Craig, Kaitlyn Richardson, and Abigail Sieman outstanding seniors; and Justice Orosz, outstanding junior.

Taking additional honors for Singing Sands were Hill, Behind the Scenes Award; Flores, Best Mental Attitude; Szprychel, Best Yearbook Copy; Coughlin, Best Yearbook Design; Wratten, Best Yearbook Photography; Jade Jusino, Commitment to Quality Award; and Rosenbaum, Eagerness to Learn award.

Next Year

Editors-in-chief for the 2017-18 newspaper and yearbook were announced at the eventís conclusion. Genevieve Moran will be editor-in-chief for the Sandscript, while Justice Orosz will be editor-in-chief for Singing Sands.


Posted 5/18/2017





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