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CHS has one place in top ten at CNFL National tourney

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The Catholic National Forensic League’s Grand National Tournament saw 558 schools represented from across the country in the nation’s capitol recently. Eighteen members of Chesterton High School’s Speech and Debate team were in attendance and the team claimed one individual top ten finish at the tournament. That top ten finish for the team of Joshua Hogan and Logan Summers came in the Speech event of Duo Interpretation.

The event of Duo involves teams comprised of two students performing a ten minute cutting of a piece of literature (movie script, play, novel, etc.) and the event began with 219 entries. The first break had a nice 219 connection as both of Chesterton’s entries made the cut to the top 48 (Octafinals). Coming out of prelim rounds, sophomore’s AJ Stirling and Indigo Loving were the 11th best team in the nation, but a difficult Octafinal round saw them eliminated in the first cut round. Stirling and Loving managed to never receive a rank lower than 2 during the prelims. Their teammates Joshua Hogan and Logan Summers also made the jump into the elimination rounds, with their cutting of the movie “Rain Man.” The seniors had some high expectations as they managed to make the quarterfinal round in this event the year before. The experience paid dividends as Hogan and Summers were able to navigate through the Octafinal round as well as the Quarterfinal round. Their semifinal performance in front of an audience in the hundreds narrowly missed the cut for finals resulting in Hogan and Summers earning the status of 8th best Duo Interp team at the tournament.

Camma Duhamell reached the Octafinal round in Lincoln-Douglas debate, placing in the top 16 at the tournament and the country. Duhamell held a perfect 5-0 record through the prelims; making her the second seed going into the eliminations. The Catholic National tournament utilizes a system of ‘power-matching’ that begins in round three. This means that Duhamell debated an opponent that was also undefeated in rounds 3, 4, and 5. Against this difficult competition she went 14-1 with the individual judges in her prelims and an incredible 9-0 with the judges in the power matched rounds. Duhamell won her Double-Octa round against a debater from Ridge High School in New Jersey, but was defeated in the next round by a debater from the Chaminade college preparatory academy in New York. Hannah Geiss and Elli Didonna both achieved preliminary records of 3-2, which was one decision from the requirement of a 4-1 record to reach the elimination rounds.

Public Forum debate started with 233 teams of two. Chesterton’s Katelyn Balakir and Ryan Day amassed a 4-1 record through the prelims to qualify for the out rounds on Sunday. Although a number of teams with that record were forced into a ‘play-in’ round, Balakir and Day’s 15th place in the prelims qualified them directly for the Double-Octafinal round, where they lost a decision to a team from Montville High School in New Jersey, resulting in a top 32 finish.

Other notable performances from Chesterton included freshman Rebecca Mueller, who came in 68th in Declamation. Senior Paige Donovan came in 66th in Prose/Poetry. Also getting a taste of competition in preparation for June’s NSDA National Tournament were Ben Hoham and Matt Jewison (Policy Debate), Zachary Mullins and Emily Krygoske (Public Forum), Sanjana Raj and Megan Daye (Extemp), and Sid Augustyn and Creighton Gaff (Congressional Debate).

Attending the tournament were coaches Eric Shaefer and Kayla Fleming (Speech Duos and Prose/Poetry), Dakota McCoy (Public Forum), Joshua Coots (Lincoln-Douglas), and Chris Lowery (Policy and Extemp), joined by alumni Michael Podguski, Spencer Hadley, Layla Mooradian, Mikaela Meyer, Katrina Balon, and Mark Wilcox.


Posted 5/31/2018




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