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CHS Debaters compete at Munster novice tournament

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The newest wave of high school debaters began their competition season at the Munster High School novice debate tournament. This event serves as a unique kickoff into the world of competitive speaking forensics. The director of Speech and Debate, Chris Lowery, says that he loves the event because, “at this tournament only the new kids compete; instead of adult judges, students are judged by mostly varsity peers from other schools. This allows them to get really good feedback in a low-stress tournament environment.”

Chesterton remains one of the largest programs in the nation, once again being named to the 400 club. “We are amazed at the year-to-year support that the Duneland administration and community give to our program. Sustaining a team that is in the top 1% of all programs in the nation is something to be very proud of,” Lowery said.

Chesterton’s highest finisher at the tournament was Kylie Brickley in Lincoln-Douglas debate. Dealing with a topic regarding anonymous sources within the media, she accumulated a perfect 4-0 record and finished second overall after the tiebreakers were totaled. Elijah Root came in 10th in the event, despite going 3-1 in his debates.

Public Forum debaters tackled issues regarding the UN Law of the Sea convention. The teams of Peyton Day and David Jugovic (5th), Sam Burris and Ryan Hickman (6th), and Tim Wheeler and Keegan Kristensen (7th) all placed.

Policy debate is typically a smaller division than the other categories. Partly because of this, CHS was able to place all three of its entries. Milena Veltri and Emma Bolinger came in 4th, Sydney Baranko and Lilli Grifith were 5th, and Jose Ponce and Brian Hanson were 7th. These debaters will remain on the same topic (immigration reform) all year.

Congressional debaters kicked off their season the week before, but Munster offers a second chance for their season kickoff. This week the debaters attempted to pass legislation regarding the following issues: gun control, Paris climate accords, militarization of Japan, and withdrawal from NAFTA. Savannah Hutchinson placed 7th out of the twenty-five students competing in the event.



Posted 10/10/2018




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