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CHS debate team finishes 2018 with win at West Lafayette

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In the past 15 years, the CHS debate team has won thirteen state titles and finished as runners-up twice. Reverse those numbers and you have the record of the team’s biggest rival, West Lafayette.

While there is no real ‘home court’ in debate, Director of Forensics, Chris Lowery, says that the team is always extra motivated to have a strong tournament when they travel to West Lafayette. “The team gets a little bit hyped for this one,” he said. “There is nearly always a boost in performance for kids that are competing at their home meet; our team did an excellent job this weekend of proving that we are still a team to be reckoned with.”

There were numerous strong varsity performances, but this tournament really showcased the next generation of the team. CHS won two of the four novice divisions; the team had performed well in each all year, but had struggled to come away on top. The teams of Sam Burris and Tim Wheeler and Alexis Ioannidis and Sidney Pittman broke that streak, finishing as the top two teams. Burris and Wheeler were undefeated. Mark Jewison and Milena Veltri took home the title novice Policy debate while teammates Brian Hanson and Lilli Griffith came in fourth. In the novice division of Congressional debate, Ethan Kroft was fifth in his chamber.

On the varsity side of the tournament, Elli Didonna finished undefeated and came in third in varsity LD. She was joined by CHS’s Jonathan Sumita in sixth.

The world school debate trio of Elia Livovich, Nathan Osborn, and Zoe Swanson came in third during their first outing in the event. Jon Petro was eighth in a crowded varsity Congressional debate chamber.

Lastly, CHS took five of the top eight spots in the varsity division of policy debate. Ben Hoham and Hattie Hoham led the way (3rd), followed by Gianna Galante and Madison Simms (4th), Ethan Dibble and Ryan Donovan (6th), Jackson Fleming and Shae Hisaw (7th), and Devin Michael and JD Cory (8th).


Posted 12/20/2018





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