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CHS debate dominates at Goshen competition

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Bethany Christian High School in Goshen opened its doors virtually for the second competition of the IHSFA debate season and Chesterton dominated with an 89 to 52 victory over Carmel. This was Chesterton’s first time attending a Bethany Christian event, as the building for Bethany Christian has previously been too small to host large in-person tournaments.

The team took home titles in three of the four varsity events that it entered with Peyton Day winning Congressional debate. The team of Tim Wheeler and Luke Vetroczky were champions in Public Forum, and there was an unbreakable tie for first place in Policy debate between the Chesterton teams of Ethan Dibble/Ryan Donovan and Mark Jewison/Milena Veltri. Additionally, Katie Pampalone went undefeated to win the novice Lincoln-Douglas championship.

Varsity Public Forum had the biggest turnaround in results from the previous week’s season opener. In addition to the top spot, Chesterton took home third place courtesy of Alexis Ioannidis and Sidney Pittman, fourth place via Sarah Sahli and Zander Fish, and fifth place thanks to Jackson Jessen and Saanya Agarwal’s efforts. Riste Miroski and Sam Burris finished in seventh place overall. The team of Audrey Whisman and Hilary Reibly came in fourth place in their very first tournament.

Megan Nowka and Riley Hawksworth (5th) and Freedom Eiden and Jonathon McClure (6th) placed in varsity policy debate while the teams of Ira Kashyap and Sophia Worden (3rd) and Brayden Blouir and Elias Chambers (4th) received awards at the novice level.

In addition to Pampalone, Megan Wilcox came in fifth place in novice Lincoln-Douglas while Summer Machnik was seventh and Kai Marten came in eighth overall. Brody Gorski was Chesterton’s only competitor in novice Congressional debate and came in sixth place while also serving as the chamber’s Presiding Officer.



Posted 10/23/2020




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