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CHS Building Trades holds end of year awards ceremony

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The Chesterton High School second annual Duneland Building Trades Awards Night was held recently at Chesterton High School.

Service and community projects this year average around 60 volunteer hours per student.

Projects included: 908 Green Street - Tie in and interior - Housing Opportunities (HO); 9th Street - New Home - HO; Town of Porter - Library Boxes - Community Project; Rebuilding Together - Roof System - Community Project; Duneland School Corporation projects: Liberty - Baseball Storage Building, Brummitt Elementary and Yost Elementary, Outdoor Classroom, and participation in the third and fourth grade Career Fair hosted at Chesterton Middle School.

All students in the program were honored with Work Ethic Certificates. Seniors honored at the event were those with technical achievements, technical proficiencies and those with career standards.

Student award recipients were: Justin Privett and Cody Cornelison - Video and Editing; Daniel Vasquez - Architectural Design; Natalie Flowers, Avery McCurdy, Jason Hernandez, Eliza Tumbas Exterior Design; Chad DuVall and Derick Drescher Inductees to the Porter County Technology Honor Society; Rigoberto Alvarez - Harlan A Siegesmund Liberty Twp. Alumni Scholarship.

Those students receiving Career Connection certificates were: Level 1 - Michael W Pannell, Ivan Perez, Brandon F Stroup. Level 1 & 2: Hunter Bohling, Drake Colburn, Derick Drescher, Parker Gibbons, Jonathan Holman, Tyler Nielsen and David Pierce.

Those student receiving Technical Achievements, Technical Proficiencies and Work Ethic Certificates were: Juniors (All returning to the program) - Nasir Biddings, Travis Konarski, Xavier Luevano, Wesley Petersen, Nathan Potesta, Thomas Seguin and Alexzander Sufana

Seniors - Hunter Bohling, Michael Charbonneau, Andrew Cobb, Drake Colburn, Joey Collins, Derick Drescher, Chad DuVall, Kenneth Erow, Alexander Fine, Parker Gibbons, Jonathan Holman, Wrath Holmes, Tyler Nielsen, Joshua Palmer, Justin Palmer, Michael Pannell, James Papp, Ivan Perez, David Pierce, Logan Scott and Brandon Stroup.

Special awards went to: Alexzander Sufana-Safe Student award, Michael Pannell-Leadership Award, and Derick Drescher-Student of the Year Award.

The Duneland Building Trades Scholarship ($250) was awarded to Hunter Bohling, Parker Gibbons and David Pierce. Scholarship money can be used for the purchase and/or other employment related items or for the payment of tuition and/or other education related items.

Special recognition was given to: Work-based Learning Partners: J&A Maintenance, T&J Maintenance, Bucks Heating & Air, Maintenance Medics, Pioneer Lumber, Integrated Construction Solutions, Above Board Construction, and Absolutely Dry. Suppliers: Home Depot, Menards and Steel Supply Corp.

Subcontractors: Falatovics Construction LLC, Royco Concrete, McComb Masonry Inc., Deep South Crane and Rigging LLC, TransUnited Inc., Duneland Carpet Connection, E&S Drywall and Painting, KB Electric, Steiner Plumbing, Buck's Heating and Air, John A. Doyle & Associates, Inc., and Cattail Design.

Inventory Documentation and Marketing: Matthew Waters.

Also present at the program were members of the Duneland Building Trades board members, Duneland administrators, and teachers Tom Garzella, Tom Moodie and Renae Micchia.


Posted 5/24/2019




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