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CHS 5 Percent Club members in Class of 2019 are honored

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Chesterton High School hosted the 30th annual 5% Club Banquet for those 23 students in the top 5% of the senior class of 2019. at the Spa and Banquet and Event Center. on Wednesday, May 8. This event is sponsored by the Duneland Education Foundation, Teachers Credit Union and the Duneland School Corporation.

Each student in the top 5% selected an educator who has influenced or inspired them in their educational career to attend the banquet with them. Students will receive a medallion that they will wear at graduation ceremonies as well as an engraved wooden frame to store their medallion after graduation.
Those students in the 5% Club and their selected guest are: student/educator Audrey Clinkert/Mr. Mike Simon, Eleanor Didonna/Mr. Joshua Coots, Anjali Dziarski/Ms. Shannon Williams, Jadah Eshenaur/Ms. Holly Williams, Sarah Harmon/Mr. Tom Schnabel, Emma Healy/Mr. Colin May, Robert Kallay IV/Mr. Shane Smith, Kara Krol/Mrs. Lindsay Moskalick, Nicolas Landeros/Mrs. Aki Tsugawa, Benjamin Larimer/Mr. Shawn Gibson, Nicolo Lovinello/Mrs. Kim Stahura, Haydn Malackowski/Mr. Chris Hackett, Braxton Martorano/Mr. Kenny Floyd, Noelle Michael/Mr. Bernard Stento, Isabella Nash/Mr. Patrick Ward, Marie Raffin/Mr. Jack Neuliep, Haley Rivera/Ms. Kim Marshall, Daniel Schmiegel/Ms. Kristin Morris, Sarah Smith/Mr. Cary Knauff, Lily Soeter/Mrs. Robyn McBride, Samuel Teal/Mr. Luke Starkey, Matthew Van Kley/Mr. Tom Moeller and Branden Wong/Mr. Chris Lowery.


Posted 5/10/2019




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