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Bolinger: Walk-out students could face disciplinary action

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Rumors that students who participated in today’s walk-out at Chesterton High School may face disciplinary action are true.

“Students who leave class could face disciplinary measures,” Duneland Schools Superintendent Ginger Bolinger told the Chesterton Tribune at 8:30 a.m., 90 minutes before the scheduled walk-out. “It could be writing a paragraph about what the walk-out meant to them. It could simply be a half-hour of community service, raking a neighbor’s leaves. We want to respect and value students’ opinions and thoughts but at the same time it’s our responsibility to maintain a safe community in which students may learn.”

“We expect students to be in class and if there is a substantial disruption we have to control that,” Bolinger also said. “Students could be considered truant, any time, if they leave class without permission. Our hope is that students will act peacefully and respectfully.”

Bolinger cited the need to avoid setting a precedent for any future demonstrations or protests.

Meanwhile, parents of students in choir received this notification prior to the walk-out: “Choir students--I am not sanctioning any choice you make today and there will be a disciplinary action given per administration. However, the administration has informed me that this truancy would not affect after-school participation in any rehearsal, practice, or activity. Again, you are free to make your own choices today, understanding that there will be possible consequences but the standard absence policy will not apply to after-school activity participation, per the CHS administration.”


Posted 3/14/2018




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